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What professional hockey player are you most like?

What shall I call you?

You should only use your hockey stick to shoot pucks, not to hit other players.

My favorite position is:



Are you more likely to protect the puck or take the shot? What kind of player are you or would you be?

Pass the Puck

Take the Shot

If you went to a venue, would you want to be right in front of the action around crazy fans, or would you rather be sitting up in the box seats with your close friends?

Front row seats

Box seats




“What are you?”



You are:

left handed

right handed

Fun Facts: During our research, we found that 90% of the population is right handed, 10% of the population is left-handed and only 1% of these person are ambidextrous. Some studies have tied left-handedness to an increase in schizophrenia and auto-immune disorders, some studies suggest that lefties also tend to be over represented among geniuses. For of the last seven residents were southpaws, as were Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. And while lefties tend to excel in visual-spatial tasks such as fine arts and architecture, righties are over represented in math and science.

How long have you had your current website?

less than 1 year

1 - 3 years?

3 or more years

A man has been sentenced to prison for armed robbery. He admits guilt for the deed. He argues, "I will never do anything of the kind again. I'm not insane or a danger to society. I would be happier out of jail than in. My wife depends on me for support and the children would be far happier if I were able to be the family breadwinner again. As to the influence on others, almost no one would ever know about it; you can keep the matter out of the newspapers and no one except you will ever know that the crime was committed. Therefore, you should release me". Assuming he is correct, what would you do?

release him

don't release him

A decision is unavoidable. What is the right thing to do? Talk about a moral dilemma.

Choose one shape you like the most:

analyzing results!

analyzing results!

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