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/SLAP’-SHOT/ (hockey:Ice) – A hard, fast, often wild, shot executed with a powerful downward swing, and with the blade of the stick brushing firmly against the ice prior to striking the puck. At Slapshot Studio, a ‘slapshot’ is the most powerful marketing effort your business can make online.

Slapshot Studio, LLC, a website development company, was founded in 2013 by amateur hockey player and starter geek, Jaime Jay. Jaime wanted a business that combined his life of hockey with building websites and thus the Slapshot Studio brand was born. With Jaime’s signature customer service and DIY get-it-done style, Slapshot Studio quickly became the go to web development company for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. At our core, we develop WordPress website solutions that convert.

Our unique blend of web marketing savvy, website development, and media production services make SLAPSHOT STUDIO the ideal choice for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We keep up with the latest trends & technology in online marketing so you don’t have to. Put us in coach!

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