Thank you for visiting We have a huge love for the game of ice hockey and, in case you missed it, we have incorporated much of what we have learned in ice hockey with our business practices solutions. Ice hockey is a very competitive game and so is the world of business; however, if you are able to learn the game, come up with a game plan and execute this game strategy, you will be successful.

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Finding solutions to your problems is easy when you are working with the Slapshot Studio Production Team!

Not every NHL team wins the Stanley Cup, but if you look at each and every person on that team including the players and the staff, they have all overcome the challenges just to be on the team. Many people don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. There are tryouts, cuts, hirings, firings and so much more. Yes, hockey is big business, but for the sake of integrating our passion into this site, we are going to focus on the actual game of hockey and how it’s so much like business.

We pride ourselves on providing our visitors with great content. The last thing we want to be is boring and that’s why we integrated the world’s most exciting game with the most exciting part of business… online marketing. It may not seem sexy on the outside, but how many people watch the super bowl commercials? That’s pure entertainment.

Technology continues to improve and with that, so do the various marketing channels. In today’s competitive business environment, you really have to be able to stand above the crowd in order to earn your business. We realize this is the reason we began this company and we feel confident we have the solutions you need. We want you to know how it feels to raise your company’s “Stanley Cup” over your head. is focused on helping you achieve all your goals. (Yes, pun intended…lol). We will help your online reputation by building you a brand new website integrating the latest WordPress technology built on the Genesis Framework. We will also help to either enhance your current image or rebrand you with a new identity that presents a consistent message across multiple marketing channels including social media, blogs, social bookmarking and video sites.

When a NHL team takes the ice, they are all dressed in the same uniform and their logo is prominently displayed on their chest. They are proud to be a part of a team and together, each individual on the team including the players, coaches, equipment managers and owners are all working together with the same goal in mind… to win the Stanley Cup. This is exactly what we want to do with you and your brand.

We will provide you with a logo and integrate the colors into your website and social media cover photos and profile pics. Once the foundation is complete we will share your message with the world by way of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) both on your website and throughout the internet utilizing the latest ethical techniques.

We look forward to talking with you soon to discuss what solutions are right for you and welcome you to our arena! – Jaime Jay, Team Captain