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7 Key Lessons from Successful Leaders

7 Key Lessons from Successful Leaders

How do you start in your niche and move achieve success? This week, we’re taking the time to feature 7 Key Lessons from Successful Leaders. These leaders have realized success as digital marketers, brand architects, authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders—who inspired us with their stories on Stop Riding the Pine podcast.

1. Dorie Clark

Key Takeaway: Find and Build Around Your Breakthrough Idea

With the seemingly overwhelming number of content online, businesses face the challenge of finding a way to have their voices heard. How do you indeed create something that has meaning—something that people will enjoy and be willing to invest in? How do you create something that will last?

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools available to get your message across your target community. But, so much of your time could be spent on doing tasks that may not even be that profitable to your cause. Competition and noise can drown you out if you are not careful.

“At the very basic level, you need to make sure that whatever you’re attempting to build a community around is something that other people are going to be as excited about as you are.” – Dorie Clark

According to Dorie, there are basically two things to consider and implement when you are building your community:

  • Structure it in terms of the nature of what you are building.
  • Consider the technical elements that will help make your community easy to start.

At the early age of 14, Dorie left home and started her own journey to success. Now, you can find her writing, speaking, teaching, consulting—touching more lives and inspiring more people to get better in life.

2. Aaron Walker

Key Takeaway: Never Say ‘I Can’t’

From having a breakthrough idea, another one among the key lessons from successful leaders is to have the drive to actually do things. Opportunities are just around the corner.

With more than 30 years of career experience, Aaron shares how he used to focus on having success for himself and for his loved ones. It was not until one fateful experience that he realized the value of making a difference in other people’s lives.

“Growing from Success to Significance is a big theme of mine. It’s important for everyone in all areas of life: Business, Personal and Spiritual.” – Aaron Walker

When it comes to success, there are basically four important things to consider:

  • An engaging relationship with others
  • Having a clear conscience
  • Learning to be content without being complacent
  • Having meaning and purpose

Aaron remembers how his mother used to disallow them from saying that they can’t. He bore that lesson with him in his life. Now, you can find him actively coaching other entrepreneurs and individuals at View from the Top.

Here’s one other nugget of wisdom from him that you too can incorporate in your daily life and career: “Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.”

3. Jared Angaza

Jared AngazaKey Takeaway: Crafting a Remarkable Brand is Essential

Jared spent many years of his life helping individuals and organizations create remarkable brand experiences for their target communities. Late last year, he partnered with the amazing Jaime Jay of Slapshot Studio and Stop Riding the Pine to help other leaders improve their brands and websites.

No matter what field or industry you belong, crafting a remarkable brand matters.

“The more willing people are to explore and re-imagine, the better the brand experience is going to be.” – Jared Angaza

He finds that the more open you are to your challenges and fears, the better it is for you to come up with the right solutions and create a brand that will perfectly align with what you are really about. That calls you to:

  • Be authentic
  • Find the connection you have with the world
  • Be deliberate in the experience you provide

In the interview, Jared shares one turning point in his life. During his stay in Rwanda, he fell in love with the culture and the community. And even as a single person, he became a father.

His parenting perspective shifted since then. That led him to the question, “What do I want to influence this kid to be?” It is that same idea that business owners may also find helpful in their journey.

4. Seth Greene

seth greeneKey Takeaway: Figure Out Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Seth is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Market Domination, a company that specializes in creating strategic solutions for podcasts, books, social media, web design, copywriting, and marketing funnels. He definitely has gone a long way to success since the last time he spoke at Stop Riding the Pine.

He is known as the Ultimate Marketing Magician who can help propel your business forward.

“Who you are affects how well what you do in what works. So, spend the time working on yourself.” – Seth Greene

From him, we learn that there are basically three important things that business owners may consider to help measure their success:

  • A written description of their ideal customer
  • Their unique selling proposition
  • The amount of investment that any given customer will be willing to spend

Seth emphasizes the importance of taking the time to identify where your business is good at and where it isn’t.

One time, he invested in a company that had no way of measuring the success. As a major shareholder, it’s practically critical to know where and how your investment is being spent. He took the lessons he learned in his journey and worked on them towards achieving more success.

5. Dennis Brown

Key Takeaway: Leverage Other People’s Content

Dennis has spent more than 20 years as an entrepreneur. Their company has been ranked many times in Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Although he was already thriving as an internet marketer, he didn’t see how anyone could receive an ROI with social media. It was not until he received an invitation from a friend to connect on LinkedIn.

“LinkedIn is more than just a resume site. It’s an extremely powerful market to channel.” – Dennis Brown

He discovered two big factors that make LinkedIn powerful:

  • It has more than 500 million users, which are primarily composed of influential professionals
  • LinkedIn enables you to identify and focus on the market you want

When asked about his breakaway moment, Dennis recalled the time he saw his competitor’s name on Inc. 500. He wanted the same thing for his business. He carried that vision until he finally achieved it four years later.

What is that one thing that you desire for your business? Perhaps what you just need is to leverage other people’s content, and take the opportunity to create lasting relationships with them.

6. Tom Schwab

Key Takeaway: Get on a Podcast and Talk to Your Ideal Customers

Tom expertly used the lessons he learned as an engineer to build his businesses. No wonder he is known as the online business accelerator. He believes in the power of content online.

“There is no greater return on investment than taking listeners and turning them into leads.” – Tom Schwab

You may consider thinking about your ideal customers. Where are they located? How can you communicate and serve them better?

With those things in mind, he encourages business owners to get on a podcast and reach out. It’s one proven strategy that you too can benefit from.

7. Yigal Adato

131 Yigal Adato Lessons Learned from a Successful EntrepreneurKey Takeaway: Take Time to Reflect

What makes a true leader? Too often you could easily get carried away with all the activities and responsibilities that you attend to. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

“The biggest misconception about leadership is thinking you have to know it all.” – Yigal Adato

With 15 years of experience as business owner, Yigal is on a mission to help entrepreneurs achieve success in their personal and professional lives. He came to a point when he saw the need to reflect on one’s situation and simply be honest about it.

Sometimes you may already be missing out on valuable ideas for your business. He shares that you can look for coaches, mentors, and colleagues to depend on when you need help.

A special thanks to these inspiring leaders and to everyone else who tuned in to Stop Riding the Pine podcast. From the time we launched, we have gone as far as 132 episodes and still counting.

But stay tuned because we have yet so much more in store for you! Soon the podcast will be releasing a series of episodes that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Again, thanks for staying with us in our journey and best wishes in your pathway to success.

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