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Artificial Intelligence—Examples and the Future It Presents

Artificial Intelligence — Examples and the Future It Presents

Even without knowing it, we deal with artificial intelligence in our daily life through mobile devices, computer games, daily news, and the recommendations for movies and music. Artificial Intelligence gradually shapes a future that we may have not even thought possible in the past. As you read Artificial Intelligence — Examples and the Future It Presents, our hope is that your mind is challenged with ideas and thoughts as to how where you see AI fit into our world now and into generations to come.

Artificial Intelligence

In layman's term, artificial intelligence (AI) is the kind of intelligence that machines manifest. This kind of intelligence allows them to understand us humans and thereby provide us with the solutions we need. It could be a solution for cooking a great meal or organizing our schedules—it depends on what the machine was made to provide a solution for.

According to John MacCarthy, the legendary father of AI, intelligence involves mechanisms and that it can be computed to achieve specific goals. Contrary to what many think, intelligence is not a question of why one does not know about something.

“In order for a program to be capable of learning something, it must first be capable of being told it.” -John McCarthy

In society, those who did not have the privilege of having a formal education or those who may have come from the countryside may sometimes think of themselves as unintelligent. A common scenario teachers see are observing students acting out for not understanding what a topic is about. Not understanding usually promotes a negative behavior.

The question of whether one is intelligent isn't isolated in a single area of understanding. That is why there is what science calls as multiple intelligences.

Learning styles include but are not limited to:

  • Musical - you can easily identify the different sounds and rhythm
  • Interpersonal - you can understand and interact well with others
  • Bodily-kinesthetic - you learn better by making movements or using your sense of touch
  • Linguistic - you are very good with words and can use them effectively

The same goes with machines. People, animals, and machines have different kinds and degrees of intelligence.

On this note, there are different branches of AI. Among them are:

  • Pattern recognition - machines can match different patterns presented to them and provide corresponding solutions
  • Planning - machines can provide different sets of strategies based on the general or specific information provided to them

The thing is...

Intelligence can be developed. It comes with a system.  It's an established process that is designed to carry out tasks. We are able to tweak this artificial intelligence in machines to align it with our needs and wants.

Artificial Intelligence — Examples and the Future It Presents

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

Whether we realize it or not, artificial intelligence is all around us. Here are three examples:

1. Home Devices

One very fine example in this area is the thermostat in homes. When you step into your home, your thermostat can adjust the room temperature for you. It provides you with the right amount of temperature so that you don't feel too hot or too cold.

Apart from it, there are also virtual assistants that you can tell to do something. Amazon's Alexa and Echo are such examples. They can check the weather, adjust your lighting, call for an Uber driver, order flowers, and do a lot more things for you.

All these devices remarkably make life easier. You don't have to worry about doing things yourself. They not only allow you to save energy but also gives you more time to do the things you want or need.

2. Written Content

Who would have thought that computer programs can craft the smart articles, too? One example is Wordsmith. Say goodbye to long hours of writing the content yourself.

Wordsmith by Automated Insights allows you to create stories straight from the data you have online. Simply select the data you want to generate insights from, prepare a template for your story, preview it, and hit publish. It's that easy!

They have worked with Yahoo! and the Associate Press. Whatever the industry, content can be produced quickly. They have integrations and partners with whom you can share your stories.

3. Customer Support

Do you remember visiting a website that comes with a chatbox at the corner? You may have been browsing through an article when all of a sudden an image of a person jumps right out of the right corner of your screen. Sometimes it even comes with a sound of a doorbell.

If you would care to look at it, you will find that it's actually asking you if there is anything it can help with or if you have any questions in mind. This chat support presents customers with a rather friendly atmosphere.

Although people may decide to hide it from their periphery, there is a difference in knowing that someone is ready to cater to any existing concerns.

The great thing about it is that it's available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers can still talk to humans during the regular office hours. Website owners and developers can design the support system in any way they want.

You may have heard of this chat support as chatbots. The good news is business owners can also now present the same good experience to their customers in Facebook Messenger.

The Sky is the Limit with Artificial Intelligence

These are just a few examples of what is possible with artificial intelligence. When it comes to business, you can design your very own chat support. We are in the age when information is highly sought after.

People look for them in videos, banner ads, or social media postings. With the world made closer with technology, information is made even more accessible to distant places. You can reach customers even in places you have never heard about.

“Artificial intelligence began with an ancient wish to forge the Gods.” -Pamela McCorduck

AI presents us with this vast array of opportunities for business. How you want to present information, what you want to present, or however you want to interact with others is possible by designing programs that can perform such tasks.

Like they say, the sky is the limit with artificial intelligence. This is because success in the possibilities that AI presents depends on how far you can imagine and how able you can realize that possibility. Creativity paired with a clear vision is key.

Of Replacing Human Skills with AI

There has been an ongoing debate on whether artificial intelligence will replace the human workforce.

“People will need to reskill, maybe several times over, during their working lives. But ultimately these changes will make us more productive and machines cannot cause unemployment to rise—only people can do that.” -Geraint Johnes

While it is ideal to generate machines with human capabilities, it does not necessarily remove the fact that us humans are the ones creating such machines or computer programs.

The question of whether people will lose their jobs to AI, may perhaps just be a question of how far one is willing to take with his ideas. Consistency, the drive to succeed, and the wisdom to turn the keys to one's advantage still play an important role in business.

Artificial Intelligence — Examples and the Future It Presents

The Beckoning Future

When it comes to artificial intelligence, you may tend to associate it with the popular movies such as Artificial Intelligence and Tomorrowland. But before you dive into the ideas they present, it helps to remember that AI is different from robotics.

With artificial intelligence, you can create programs or machines that can truly understand what is being asked. Robots, on the other hand, can only go as far as tap that system of understanding and provide what it was made to do. Nonetheless, you can combine AI with robotics if you want to.

But what we want to see here is...

A grand future awaits those who are brave enough to surf the recurring tides of change. If you think about the film Tomorrowland, for example, it presents a clear and spectacular picture of what tomorrow holds for those who live out their dreams.

The human robots that existed rather served as guides or inspiration to those few, unique individuals who believe in the possibilities they can create. The robots do not replace the dreamers, but remind them of their dreams instead. They searched for them in different places and took them to where they can transform their dreams into reality.

The same can be said of those thought leaders and business owners who have the desire to make a difference with their brands.

Nowadays, you have chatbots and other tools you can use for your business. It is up to you as to how you creative you want to be to make this a positive technology for the future. You can always consult with experts and resources if you presently don't have any idea on how to use these existing tools.

Artificial intelligence is taking place in different circles, in different industries. How do you plan to use it for your business?

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