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Learn How To Build Automated Leads With Chatbots

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Welcome to Slapshot Studio Chatbots. By harnessing the power of your brand and aligning the communication with your target audience, your personalized Chatbot will provide a user-driven experience like you've never seen before.

Your Chatbot will generate leads, sales, customer service, customer pre-qualification, and/or content delivery mechanisms with open rates above 80% and click-through rates over 35% (often much higher). If you are spending money on social media, email, and/or print marketing, we can help you save money and dramatically increase your conversion rates.



Separate yourself from your competitors and generate massive leads with a Real Estate Chatbot.

Attorney Chatbots


Attorney Chabots are great for personal injury, family, criminal law firms, attorneys and more.

Local Business Chatbots


Looking for ways to generate more foot traffic to your store?  Check out the local business Chatbot.

Online Business Chatbots


Get more clients today for your online coaching, consulting, marketing, or podcast solutions.

Witness the Mega-Trend.  

"Chatbot technology is the biggest trend since the invention of the Internet."


- Peter Lisoskie, Founder, Chatbot Nation

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