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5 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

5 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Is your email marketing program working for you? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the actions you have taken so far. Here are 5 common mistakes in email marketing.

1. Not Cleaning Your Lists

The idea of having thousands of email subscribers is attractive. The more people receiving your emails, the wider your reach becomes. But without precaution, what you have on your list could be a ton of invalid contacts.

These types of contacts are typically collected when you are using single opt-ins on your website. This means everytime a person signs up for your emails, they do not get to confirm their subscription — your system automatically adds them to your list.

It takes any form of text that the person submits. This may include mistyped email addresses. And the emails you send them end up getting bounced.

2. Pulling the trigger and overselling

Email marketing allows you to send personalized messages to your subscribers and potential clients. It allows them to know more about your brand and about the unique offerings you have.

One of the goals is to make sure your message gets delivered straight to their inbox. And overselling is not the way to go. In email marketing, overselling could mean:

  • Using spam trigger words
  • Sending multiple emails in a short timeframe
  • Sending the same message repetitively

People don’t like getting imposed on what to do. As a consequence, they may choose to block you from their inbox, label you as spam, or unsubscribe from your list.

Example words to avoid in your email copies and subject lines are $$$, Giving away, #1, and Join millions of Americans. Keep your emails sincere and not salesy.

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3. Unengaging your subscribers

One of the things you would like about email marketing is its ability to drive people towards their inboxes with the expectation of receiving something beneficial or delightful from you. You can keep them engaged by giving them a reason to read more of your content.

Ideas for engagement through email:

  • Offer exclusive content
  • Provide the option to share with friends
  • Provide incentives to loyal readers

Email marketing is like fostering a relationship intimately. The more personalized the message is, the more likely your subscribers open your emails and ultimately purchase an item or service from your brand. What you can do is understand the data (including their preferences and behaviors) from your subscribers and implement effective strategies on your marketing software.

4. Losing focus

Another one of the common mistakes in email marketing is losing focus from the purpose of your program. What purpose does it serve in your business and how important is it?

Email marketing basically works in two ways:

  • Keeping people engaged with your business
  • Closing a deal with one of your subscribers

Not having a clear idea of what your email marketing program is about could leave you clueless on which steps to take, or lead you nowhere.

That is why it is important to know what your email campaigns will be about and make sure that your subscribers know that is the case. Help them know the real value of your content through your subject line, email design, content, and automation.

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5. Not testing which works best

An email typically has four components that you can test: subject line, message, design and layout, and schedule of release. Explore your email marketing software and check to see the available testing options.

Testing empowers you to determine which concept works best for your campaigns. In the ActiveCampaign software, for example, you may craft and launch more than two versions of an email campaign.

The software also gives the option of determining the winning email version; it first sends out the different versions to a specific number of email contacts in a given timeframe and sends out the winning version to the remaining contacts in the list.

You can test your emails when you are still starting with your campaigns or when planning for new email ideas to implement.

Stronger Relationships with Personalized Emails

In an interview on Stop Riding the Pine, Bonjoro’s Head of Sales Amaan Nathoo said,

“Automate processes and not relationships.”

The same applies to email marketing. As much as you might want to make things easier — to simplify the steps you need to take in the process, building and strengthening a relationship with your subscribers take time. It requires you to understand their preferences, their behaviors, and where they are in the customer journey.

Ways to personalize the experience for your subscribers:

  • Set goals and milestones to achieve in your marketing efforts
  • Track their behavior on your website and empower your campaigns with tags
  • Segment your contact lists
  • Provide options for them to change their preferences in terms of email frequency and topics to receive

Another thing you can do is explore the options you have in your email marketing software and make the most out of them.

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Is email marketing for your business?

Email marketing works for any type of industry. Whether you are a podcaster, a nutritionist, an educator, a musician, or anyone who wants to widen his business reach and strengthen his network, the potential is limitless. But one thing to note: you need to be dedicated enough to learn how it works and to carry on with your goals.

In terms of budget, there are affordable software and services in the market. MailChimp, for example, is free forever for small businesses. When choosing your software, another thing you could take into consideration is its available features — does it have the capacity to perform according to what you want to achieve?

And, do you have the time and necessary skills set to perform them? As easy as it may seem, email marketing requires that you engage with your subscribers, maintain your lists, be authentic in your approach, test which works best and understand its functions in your business.

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