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See What a Bot Can Do For Your Business

What do we mean by the "End of Email"? We mean exactly that... in our opintion, bots will replace the need for email.  

What are some of the things a bot do for you?

Bots are instant.

Bots create a user-driven experience.

Bots will get you leads.

Bots can increase sales conversions.

Bots can do customer service.

Bots can be funny and have their own personality.

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What is the "Third Way"?

Every once in a while, there is a monumental, some would say Mega-Shift, phenomenon that changes the course of the future as we know it.  We believe Chatbots are this phenomenon.  

Websites and email marketing are going to be replaced with "Bot-sites" and "Bot" marketing.  Yes, people and companies will still have websites for their products and services, but the bots will drive the user experience and ultimately, with the inception of artificial intelligence, (AI), bots will provide a human-like experience for your clients that will not only provide unlimited and affordable customer service, but the bots will know exactly what your clients want. 

We are calling this... The Third Way.

What Chatbots Will Do For YOU!

Instantly Reply

When you visit a Chatbot optimized website or Messenger service, you will be greeted as soon as you prompt the bot to reply.  No more waiting hours or days for a CSR to reply.

Content Creation

Have you ever wanted to create a course to sell your products or services?  What if a bot could teach your courses for you?  This is all going to be possible very soon.

Fun & Interactive

Your bot can make the dullest interactions fun and interesting.  Imagine a bot telling a funny story while they are learning what your clients want and how you can get in touch with them?

User-Driven Experience

Have you ever visited a site before and been sold to before even knowing if this solution was going to solve your problem?  What if you could know exactly what to say to your clients?


The number challenge most companies face is effective communication.  Have you ever heard that saying, "You don't know what you don't know"? What if you DID know?

Lead Generation

Many of our clients come to us because they want more leads.  What if you could increase your leads by over 40%?  We know, we didn't believe it at first either.

Find Out How Peter L. Consistently Found Optin Rates of Nearly 100% and Click-Through Rates Over 60% on Multiple Campaigns Using Chatbot Marketing.

Facebook Messenger

Your bot can drastically lower your CPC on Facebook advertising by marketing directly to your target audience via messenger.

Web-based Bots

Want to decrease your bounce rates?  Find out how we can help keep your visitors attention with user-driven experiences.


Learn exactly what your visitors want to know.  Find new and innovative ways of solving your visitors biggest challenges.

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