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How to Customize Your WordPress Website

How to Customize Your WordPress Website

How do you want your WordPress website to look and feel like? There are a number of themes in the repository that you can customize. The features may vary, however, from one theme to another. Here’s how to customize your WordPress website.

Just a recap, there are many types of websites that you can build on WordPress. You can build a:

  • Personal blog
  • Company website
  • Private practice
  • Portfolio
  • E-commerce store
  • Community website
  • Directory

Whichever type of website you have, you can perform a number of tweaks in a number of ways. You can explore what’s available and be creative.

Log in to your admin dashboard and hover over Appearance at the left panel. Click Customize, and it will direct you to a list of website components that you can align with your preferences. There are basically seven of them:

1. Site Identity

Your site identity features the components that will help people remember your brand. It includes the title of your website, your tagline, and your website icon.

The icon is the small graphic that people would see on the browser tab when they visit your website. When it appears, people will know that the page belongs to you. It is also known as the favicon.

How to Customize Your WordPress Website

Slapshot Studio favicon

Its shape should be square, and it must be “at least 512 pixels wide and tall.” But outside of these, you could pretty much create your own website icon as well as your website title and tagline.

2. Colors and Backgrounds

Colors help set the right emotion for your website users. Here’s what Visually says about it:

  • Yellow = optimism, clarity, warmth
  • Orange = friendly, cheerful, confidence
  • Red = excitement, youthful, bold
  • Purple = creative, imaginative, wise
  • Blue = trust, dependable, strength
  • Green = peaceful, growth, health
  • Gray = balance, neutral, calm

What is your brand about and whom is it for? To ensure consistency and boost your identity, consider aligning your website components with your brand.

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On the Customize area, you can choose which color you want for your background as well as for your website’s specific elements. This could include the color of your links, buttons, and others in your theme.

3. Fonts

Your theme already comes with a default font. You can use it for your headings (also known as titles) and base (which others prefer to call as paragraph text).

But there are options available. You can choose from an array of fonts provided by your theme or install a new one. Font color, size, and line height may also be customized.

Just click on the General option and click through Text to customize your WordPress website’s fonts.

4. Menu

What unique offerings do you have for your website users? You can arrange them in menus to provide easy access and good use.

Here’s what our header menu looks like:

How to Customize Your WordPress Website

Slapshot Studio header menu

The number of menu locations available varies per theme. Basically, there are four areas in which you can display them: top bar, header, subscribe area, and footer.

Their design may vary as well. So before installing a theme, check its preview first to see how the front end components will look like. The features you get might not work well with the idea you have for your website.

How many options do you want to present to your website users?

Five to seven menu options are usually enough to cater to your user’s needs. Slapshot Studio, for example, has five options in her header menu: Our Story, Work With Us, Our Work, Podcast, and Blog.

Each option will direct you to a page that caters to a specific need. You can arrange them in any order you wish.

To add a Menu, simply click on the + sign. You will find that there are other items that you can set as options in your menu:

  • Custom links
  • Posts
  • Projects
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Format
  • Project Types
  • Project Tags

The goal is to sort your website offerings in a way that is both useful and accessible to your users. You can give each option a unique name as well.

5. Content Options

This generally refers to the contents that you want to appear on your website. You have the option to hide or display your:

  • Post – date, categories, tags, author, comments
  • Featured images – on blog, archives, single posts, pages

Again these may vary on the theme you have installed. To customize, simply click on the Content option in the Customize area.

6. Widgets

Widgets provide more features and content to your website. You can usually see them on either side of a page. There are basically two ways you can access and customize them:

On your admin dashboard, go to:

  • Appearance > Customize
  • Appearance > Widgets
How to Customize Your WordPress Website

Widgets in Customize area, courtesy of

As you can see, you can add an Archives section, Calendar, Search box, and other features on the side. There are also plugins that automatically adds a widget when you install them.

Do you have an upcoming event, a social media account, or an opportunity for your website users to donate? You can have a widget for a specific purpose. You can also display, hide, and arrange your widgets according to your preferences.

7. Static Front Page

As the name suggests, this refers to the page that will welcome your website users. You have the option to display your latest posts or present a particular page instead.

Your front page could be your:

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Event page
  • Any other page on your website

You have the liberty to choose which page to use to greet your users. Simply click on the page you want or create a new one in the Customize area.

We hope you found this blog post on How to Customize Your WordPress Website helpful. WordPress has a lot of opportunities and areas you can explore. Learn how you can maximize them for your endeavors. Cheers!

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