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How Top Entrepreneurs Succeed Online

Everyone that has or is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur wants to be successful. Slapshot queried the top online marketers in the world for their one tip they attribute to their success. We’ve put it all together in How Top Entrepreneurs Succeed Online.


Aaron Walker – Power of Podcasting

Aaron WalkerI have had explosive growth as a direct result of being a guest for podcast interviews. The interview transcriptions have proven to provide unbelievable SEO benefits.

Not a sign of Aaron Walker existed on Google search engines 36 months ago, now I occupy the first dozen pages. Pretty good results for online Marketing.

Website: Interview Valet
Twitter: @interviewvalet





Daniel Bauer – Human Interaction

Danny "Sunshine" BauerBe a human being. In an age of ever increasing tech advances and a multitude of ways to work smarter it is very easy and tempting to automate everything (shoot … a robot is writing this right now). Just kidding! But what I’ve learned is nothing… absolutely nothing … beats human interaction that’s genuine, compassionate, and has the other person’s (not your own) best interests in mind.

It can be scary to put yourself out there and yes, not everyone is going to respond  to who you are and what you’re about… And that’s okay because those that do respond are the people you want to be talking to. So be yourself. Be a human. Serve others and you can’t go wrong.

Website: Better Leaders Better Schools
Twitter: @alienearbud




Michael Neeley – Be a Giver

Michael NeeleyIn the world of online marketing and business, I’ve found one thing that rings truer than all others – we are all simultaneously students and teachers, and should always act in a way that suits both.

In other words, give exactly what you’d like to get.

If you are sick of reading spammy, hard-sell emails from so-called “gurus”, then don’t use that tactic yourself – EVER. If you love opening emails from coaches that provide immediate, free value each and every time, then do that in your own marketing – ALWAYS.

I’ve noticed that the more I give, the more I receive. The law of karma applies to online businesses in a huge way. So be a giver. That should be your motto.



Manny Wolfe – Connecting with People

Manny WolfeThe one thing more than anything else that has catapulted my success, is creating strategic connections with amazing people. By showing up as who I really am, and thinking only about serving others, I’ve connected with partners and created virtually all of my offerings in collaboration.

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Mark Asquith – Consistency

Mark AsquithMy number one tip has to be consistency. By that I don’t just mean turning up every day, I mean consistency in communications; consistency in authenticity; consistency in your marketing channels; consistency in everything you do.

One of the biggest myths in digital, I feel, is that you must find a formula / publishing schedule / strategy that works and then stick to it regardless. But sadly, the online world just isn’t like that. In “real life”, things change, platforms emerge, trends shift and people migrate.

The important thing is to remain alive online. And that all comes down to consistency – telling people where you’ll be, when you’ll be there and making sure to communicate any changes that you make clearly to the audience that you’ve built, not matter how small.

Believe me, someone somewhere is listening to what you have to say – stick to it, be consistent but don’t ever stagnate.
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Wayne Herring – Invest in Yourself

Wayne HerringI joined a group training program (BlackBelt with Taki Moore) specifically aimed at Coaches who want to help more people by scaling their business online.  Spending what is to me a large chunk of money for super ideas has put my time in the learning curve on warp speed.

Sometimes this is hard because when you are at warp speed you hit more “valleys” at a faster rate, but you also pop out of them much faster.  Accountability, How-To, and relationships with peers working on similar projects has delivered huge results.  So, my tip is – invest in yourself and your future with an expert who can help.

Wayne on LinkedIn
Stronger Salespeople Website




Gary Leland – Believe in Yourself

Gary LelandGary started his first retail store in 1979, his first e-commerce website in 1996, and his first podcast in 2004. In 2006 Gary had a website on Time Magazine’s list of 50 coolest websites. Selling actual products is what Gary does, and knows best. Gary’s goal is to share his 35 years of retail, and marketing experience. To help you succeed in your own online business

I was told that people would not buy stuff on the internet back in 1996 when I was building my first e-store. Over the years I have decided that most people do not know any more than I do, and they may even know less,  I rarely listen to the Negative Nancy’s of the world. If I screw up, I would prefer it was my fault, not someone else’s.

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Ramona Rice – Great Content

Ramona RiceThe one thing that has made me successful in the online space for the brands I work with is remembering that followers mean nothing. What I mean by this is that too often we focus on growing followers first and producing content second – we need to flip that. With great content you’ll get followers and followers that want to buy and grow with you. That’s the key to success finding the pocket of people who want to buy and consume your product. Follows are merrily a vanity metric if those followers are not buying from you.
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Ryan Ayres – Integrity

Ryan AyersAct As If You Were Sitting Face To Face

My success online has stemmed from cultivating relationships and providing immense value to my clients. Rather than defining success by profits or customer numbers, I define it as adding the best possible value, maintaining the highest integrity, and giving my all to help clients succeed – regardless of whether I’m working with them on- or offline.

In other words, I build relationships and treat people with same respect and integrity as if we were sitting face to face.  That allows me to provide the deeper value that is the foundation for my success.

This is very different than other profit-focused online entrepreneurs, who want high-speed, low-drag relationships.

Ryan’s Website
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Frank Bria – Continually Refine Your Message

Frank BriaOne tip that has made me successful online: Testing my message until it works.

Rarely does someone have “the idea” straight out of the gate. For me, it was important to go to my target market over and over again with offer after offer until they told me what I had was good. Most entrepreneurs give up too early. “Test and learn” is something I started using almost at the beginning of my consulting career and it has helped me be successful ever since.

Step 1: go to 7 potential customers and ask for feedback.

Step 2: adjust your offer based on that feedback.

Step 3: go to 20 potential customers and try to sell. If you can land 3 – 5, you’re probably dead on.

Step 4: adjust your offer and raise your price as your refine (continually).

Scale to Success
Frank on Facebook


Hani Mourra – Believe, Solve and Connect

Hani MourraBuild something that excites you in a space you are passionate about and knowledgeable in.  Set a goal to make it the best possible product out there.  Ignore what your competitors are doing (even if they are bigger than you). If you believe in your product, it solves a real problem that your audience is having, and you provide an amazing experience for the user (when they use your product and when they need support), you will succeed. People like to work with and buy products from other real people, so make sure you are approachable to your customers.

Hani’s website
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Hope you enjoyed reading through this and meeting some of the best marketing experts in the business. There are so many choices to make when you commit to your online business and it’s always great to hear the advice of those who have not made the leap to become an online entrepreneur, but those that have succeeded based on the choices they made.

If you would like to learn more about How Top Entrepreneurs Succeed Online, please reach out to any of these amazing people and let them know you read about them here. If you are looking to begin your online journey, or want to grow your existing business with a beautiful website, we invite you to learn more about YOU with our free online personality assessment. Yes, you can also find out what hockey player you are most like – you know how we love our hockey.

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