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The Most Important Thing in a Website

Are you missing the most important thing in a website? A lot of effort is placed in increasing site traffic. You share your posts, tweet your thoughts, send newsletters—many ways exist to achieve just that. But an increased number of shares and distribution do not necessarily mean an increase in conversions. It can drive in traffic but not necessarily increase the number of people supporting your brand. Read on to understand what you need and come up with the best marketing strategy!

Leading the Way through Quality Content

People do all kinds of things to drive in more users. You want others to discover your brand and support you in the long run. And, you want to maintain that relationship. It is why you have a website.

But to strengthen and keep that relationship, you need quality content that would enable people to trust you. People look for thought leaders who can inform and inspire them.

“To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!” -Napoleon Hill

What effect does your content have? If you are in the field of education, your target users are normally teachers, students, and other members of the academe. They arrive at your site looking for resources on education.

When you have exactly what they need, you will gain their favor and get a higher chance to be visited again. They could tell others about how remarkable your site is. As the number of visits increase, the higher you go up the search engine.

It is what we refer to as thought leadership. You provide quality content that could satisfy people’s needs. In return, they visit you more often and willingly share your message to others. In the process, Google and other engines pick up the lead.

Produce quality content that would position your brand as a leader in the field.

You can share through social media, invest money to increase click rates, and do all kinds of things. But they are not possible when you have nothing to tell others about. This is why content matters.

In any website, there are 3 main types of content: text, images, and videos.

Content Type 1: Text

The Most Important Thing in a WebsiteAccording to Smart Insights, millions of online content are released every minute through social media alone. The internet produces a massive amount of content everyday. Unfortunately, many get pushed aside or hidden by popular sites.

Content is the most important thing in a website. They serve as guides for people to find you. For that, you provide them with what they are looking for.

Blogs, social media posts, newsletters are good venues to showcase quality text. You can write a narrative of your story, explain an idea, describe your products or experiences, or anything else you can come up with.

Play with words, while targeting a specific need. Provide excitement to keep people engaged. Here are three ways to optimize text:

1. Have a Specific Idea

In any field of writing, you need to have a specific idea. If you are writing for health and fitness, the idea of “exercise” is too broad. You could narrow it down to “aerobic activities for kids” or something else.

Think about your brand’s mission and the services you provide. What are the interests of your ideal users? Write down what they would look for and what you can provide.

In every text content that you publish, come up with a specific idea. Use it as a guide, and stick to it. Observe coherence and consistency.

You don’t want to be found confused in your content. Organize your thoughts under that idea. A thought leader knows the way and shows the way.

2. Provide Structure

Apart from the organization of your thoughts, you also need to consider the way you organize your overall copy for SEO purposes.

Marketing online thought text requires you to adhere to the best practices of search engines, such as Google and Bing.

For this, your need to optimize your content using relevant keywords. Think about what people would type in the search box. That’s the keyword or key phrase that you incorporate in your copies.

Google Suggest and Google Trends are great tools that you can use to identify them. The more specific, the better. Specific keywords come from people who have better understanding of what they want. You want to invest on them because they show higher potential to revisit your site—if you have exactly what they need.

Once you have those specific keyword searches, the next thing to do is create a head key. The head should cover all the key searches or topics in your text. It is your copy’s leader.

It is like a generic search. When your topics are “Love’s Unending Legacy” and “Eternal Love”, your head key would be “love”. You organize your ideas and specific keys under a main category. This way, both users and engines will easily understand your structure.

Come up with 1 to 10 heads, and feature them in site menus, post tags, and the like.

3. Communicate with Ease

Writing is an exciting process. Write about the things you love and are familiar with. It is difficult to discuss something that you have no idea about.

Research on your topic until you understand it. Deadlines exist to guide you when your content will be released.

“We all want that small-town feel, where the barista at the local coffee shop knows your order as soon as you walk in or the cashier at the grocery knows your name.” -Loren McDonald

Just as Loren said, people enjoy having a personal touch in the products they use. Hence, they enjoy reading content that relates to them.

Once you have a clear understanding of your topic, you will know what to write and how to write it. That way it will be easy for you to discuss the topic and relate it well to your target readers.

It’s normal to run out of ideas from time to time. When that happens, take a break and allow your mind to relax for a little bit. Establish a routine that works best for you.

What’s important is that you finish your article, and come up with good content that carries out the topic. Choose quality over quantity.

Outline your thoughts, and express them freely through text.

Content Type 2: Images

People have different ways of learning and getting engaged. In a study by NeoMam, people follow 323% better with images. If you pair your text with images, people will understand your message better. It’ll also make them more engaged in your site.

Visuals lessen the overload of information that the mind receives. With less effort, the mind won’t easily tire with the content you provide.

Optimize your content with relevant images. Make them as captivating and as powerful as you could. Doing so improves user experience, thus, inviting more people to visit you.

Content Type 3: Videos

Videos are becoming more popular as the years advance. In a study by Insivia, 55% of people watch videos daily. They watch them on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook—everywhere in the internet.

As technology progresses, people also get more ways to access content. Recently, YouTube and Facebook announced the changes they plan to implement in their video advertising formats. They are set to provide better ways for everyone to access video content.

Cisco also released their forecast that by 2020, 82% of the internet traffic around the world will come from videos. This year just marks the great time for entrepreneurs and other site owners to create and publish video content.

Many people enjoy watching videos online. They find it easy to the eyes, and doesn’t require a lot of effort for them understand it. Videos are easy to share as well.

The Share Triggers

The Most Important Thing in a WebsiteIn promoting your brand, you think about how people will benefit from it. You don’t simply sell your brand, and expect people to buy it. In the first place, people visit you because they wanted to know something.

Everyone wants to benefit from the things that exists. To win more brand supporters, you need to give them something they need or want. In your case for example, what made you visit and read this post?

You had something in mind for your website. You wanted to grow your brand and increase your number of conversions. Or, were you just browsing around and got curious with the article?

For whatever reason, you decided to click and read through the post.

When you provide useful content and present it well, you give people reasons to tell others about your brand. To ensure that happens, you make them look good through useful content and make them feel good through great user experience. With enough value, people will not find it difficult to share.

Get in the Lead

You can create a website and put content every now and then. But without a clear objective, you will find your brand hanging for conversions. Remember these 5 things:

  • Content is the most important thing in a website.
  • Quality content with great user experience drive in site users.
  • People are inherent givers, and will be willing to share when they find something useful.
  • Everyone wants to look good, so you give them what they need.
  • Commitment, consistency, and persistence are keys to good success.

There is no overnight success. But with the marketing opportunities you have online, you can find ways to match your brand with people’s needs. Strengthen your brand, and be in the lead! Help people find the content they are looking for.

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to connect with us about The Most Important Thing in a Website, leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!