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5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

With millions of registered accounts, LinkedIn offers an open door of opportunities to extend your brand to professionals of the same interests. How about if you want to invite people to join your network through your WordPress website? Here are 5 plugins to integrate LinkedIn into WordPress.

1. WP LinkedIn

Display your full LinkedIn profile on your WordPress website. You can use it as your about page or as your author’s bio in any of the posts you publish.

5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

WP LinkedIn by Claude Vedovini

The WP LinkedIn plugin, in particular, enables you to display your:

  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Profile header which links directly to your LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn network updates

It also comes with a couple of plugin extensions that allow you to provide more of that “LinkedIn experience” to your website users. So if you want to feature multiple LinkedIn profiles on a page, share your company updates, or have advanced profile templates, these extensions are available to help you achieve just that.


The plugin is currently available in seven of the major languages of the world. And these languages are English, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, and Serbian.

Profile header, summary, experience, projects, recommendations — it’s a complete LinkedIn profile that you can feature.

It does a good way of bringing clients from LinkedIn as well as clients who may not yet be on LinkedIn. Either way, it brings to attention which networking platform you are most active and willing to connect.

You can still display links and buttons on your website to other social networking platforms should you want to.

2. Monarch Social Sharing

Share your posts and pages with this sleek social sharing plugin. With it, people can help spread the word about your WordPress website to more than 20 social networks, including LinkedIn.

5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

Monarch Social Sharing by Elegant Themes

To download the plugin, you simply need to register for a yearly access to Elegant Themes. Or, sign up with the one time fee instead.

How does it work?

The Monarch Social Sharing plugin comes with social media buttons that you can customize and display at different locations on your website. You can display them on your sidebar, anywhere near your content, on your images and videos, via pop-up or fly-in — it’s your decision.

And one thing that you and your website users will love about the plugin is that it does not impose on anyone. The fly-in and pop-up, for example, provide sufficient time for people to browse through your amazing content before appearing on the screen.

That way, it also provides them sufficient control over how they wish to navigate your website.

The plugin also responds well on mobile devices and comes with a dashboard where you can find the total number of shares for each of your posts.

3. WP LinkedIn Auto Publish

Post automatically to your LinkedIn profile or company page as soon as you publish a post or page from your WordPress website.

5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

WP LinkedIn Auto Publish by Martin Gibson

Despite its automatic feature, the good news is you can still choose which content to post on LinkedIn. The WP LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin allows you to decide which content categories to share.

There is also a corresponding checkbox beside each post or page you create or edit. Simply tick it if you want to share the post automatically, or untick it if you prefer to share the post manually instead.

One advantage that this WordPress plugin presents is your ability, as the website owner or manager, to see which posts were shared on LinkedIn and which posts were not.

You also get a preview of the number of shares that your posts reached on the professional networking platform.

Overall, it allows you to stay active on LinkedIn without having to do much yourself.

It does, however, only connects your WordPress website to a single company page on LinkedIn. Nonetheless, the plugin is easy to use and is customizable.

4. NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP)

The SNAP plugin is a good alternative to the WP LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin.

5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) by NextScripts

It enables you to automatically share your posts to other social networking platforms. At present, it allows you to extend your online presence to more than 20 of these platforms which include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Medium
  • Deviant Art
  • LiveJournal
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Blogger
  • And more

What sets it apart from other social sharing plugins?

The NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster plugin aims to help you market your brand through content without indicating which CMS or platform it came from. Thus, giving the limelight to your brand alone.

It also allows your website users to comment on your post from their LinkedIn accounts or from the other aforementioned platforms.

Not only that, but it also turns replies from these platforms into comments on your WordPress website.

Definitely one good tool to integrate LinkedIn into WordPress.

You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugins repository, or pay for the premium to post to more than 10 platform user accounts in one go.

5. Social Login

Help your website users register, login, or comment easily on your WordPress website post through this friendly plugin.

5 Plugins to Integrate LinkedIn into WordPress

Social Login by Claude Schlesser

The Social Login plugin allows your website users to join any of your post comments, membership opportunities, or exciting offers just by logging in with their social accounts.

And note this, it caters to more than 30 of these platforms including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Amazon
  • Foursquare
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • OpenID
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • PayPal
  • Twitter
  • And more

How does it work?

Once installed and activated on your WordPress website, the plugin will display the different platform logins on your frontend.

Website users can find it in your comment section, login page for members, registration page, sidebar, or on any other page on your website. You can use a shortcode to implement the last-mentioned option.

People are loving it so far with more than 30,000 active installs at present.

Now, over to you.

Do you know any other tools or plugins apart from these 5 plugins to integrate LinkedIn into WordPress? Feel free to share your thoughts with others in the comments below.

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