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7 Plugins to Integrate Twitter into WordPress

7 Plugins to Integrate Twitter into WordPress

Without a doubt, Twitter ranks among the most popular social networking sites. Now, how can you maximize that open door of opportunity with your website and reach out to more individuals? Here are 7 plugins to integrate Twitter into WordPress.

1. Click to Tweet

Purpose: Enable readers to tweet excerpts of your posts
Plugin author:
WP versions: 3.4 to 4.8.2

Do you publish regular blog posts on your website? Give your readers a chance to participate in sharing your message using this Click to Tweet plugin.

It comes with a customizable setting that allows you to align the frontend display with your desired customer experience. Other features include:

  • Automatic URL shortener
  • Allows for editing of Tweets
  • Analytics for traffic and engagement
  • Enough space for tweetable number of characters
  • Premium upgrades

And should you want your Twitter profile to be discovered along with the tweet, you may also specify your username in the plugin settings. Thus, the more shares you get, the higher the number of opportunities you have to grow your social follower count.

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2. JM Twitter Cards

Purpose: Display Twitter cards for your blog posts when shared by readers
Plugin author: Julien Maury
WP versions: 4.2 to 4.8.2

Perhaps one of the frustrating things when sharing a link to your website or post on Twitter is the visual that goes with it.

Sometimes the featured image that you worked so hard to edit is cropped and limited to a square dimension. And at other times, your post description leaves your readers hanging with an ellipsis.

Enter Twitter cards like this…

7 Plugins to Integrate Twitter into WordPress

Sample Card from a Slapshot Studio Post on Medium

The JM Twitter Cards plugin, in particular, comes with customizable settings. And it adds the meta you need for your WordPress website.

It is also compatible with the two popular SEO tools namely Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. So, you can increase the engagement that your shared content receives.

3. Monarch Social Sharing

Purpose: Display the Twitter sharing button on your posts and pages
Plugin author: Elegant Themes
WP versions: unspecified

Social media buttons are a classic way of inviting your website users to share your content to their social and/or professional networks.

Among the features that we love about Monarch Social Sharing plugin are:

  • More than 20 social sharing buttons, including Twitter
  • Customizable settings
  • Responds well to mobile devices
  • Sharing analytics for each post or page
  • Fast load time

The buttons can also be displayed in various locations of your website, including on your post’s images and videos.

Aside from buttons, Monarch also has fly-ins and pop-ups that can help tell your website users about your account on social media. And you can control when they will appear on your visitor’s screen.

4. Social Networks Auto-Poster

Purpose: Automatically share your website posts to your Twitter account
Plugin author: NextScripts
WP versions: 3.4 to 4.9.0

Your blog readers or website users are not the only people who can share your unique content. You also get to join them in sharing your brand on Twitter!

Among the features of the Social Networks Auto-Poster plugin are:

  • Automatically post to more than 20 social networks, including Twitter
  • Transform your post tags and categories into hashtags
  • Transform mentions and replies into website comments
  • Comes with a URL shortener
  • Display your post with a supporting image

There are also premium upgrades that you can purchase to have as much Twitter accounts as you want to automate. Check out the plugin in the WordPress Plugins repository to know more about it.

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5. Social Login

Purpose: Enable website users to log in or register using their Twitter accounts
Plugin author: Claude Schlesser
WP versions: 3.0 to 4.8.2

Integrate Twitter into WordPress by allowing your website users to log in or register on your website using their Twitter accounts.

The Social Login plugin is particularly useful in membership websites as well as in e-commerce stores. Not only does it allow for access through Twitter but it also enables access through more than 30 platforms including PayPal.

Other kinds of websites can also benefit from this plugin.

What users see on their end are social media buttons upon logging in or upon registration. Website owners, on the other hand, may customize the settings to specify where the buttons should be seen.

They can be displayed in the comments section, sidebar, and login or registration page. All these can be done with a shortcode.

6. Feed Them Social

Purpose: Display your Twitter feed on your website
Plugin author: SlickRemix
WP versions: 3.6 to 4.8.2

Do you need to put up a gallery for your e-commerce website? Or do you just want to display your Twitter feeds and share with everyone?

The Feed Them Social plugin allows you to display your feed from Twitter on different locations of your website. You can customize where your website users can find them.

7 Plugins to Integrate Twitter into WordPress

Plugin Demo for Slapshot Studio Twitter Account

Among the things it can display are your:

  • Cover image
  • Follower count
  • Tweet count
  • Tweets from your profile
  • Buttons to reply, retweet, and heart the post as well as share it to another platform

You can try their demo for your Twitter account here. It is also available for integrating other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest.

The design adapts well to mobile devices and is friendly to users. Know more about how you can integrate Twitter into WordPress using this plugin by visiting it in the WordPress Plugins repository.

7. Free Tools to Automate Your Site Growth

Purpose: Highlight excerpts to tweet and share images on Twitter
Plugin author: SumoMe
WP versions: 3.0.1 to 4.8.2

Thinking about a multi-purpose marketing plugin for your WordPress website? Meet SumoMe’s Free Tools to Automate Your Site Growth.

It comes with eight tools that can help you build your email list, determine areas on your website that are popular to your website visitors, welcome users to your website, and build your community on social media.

Particularly for Twitter, there are two tools that you can enjoy:

  • Image Sharer
  • Highlighter

From the name itself, the image sharer allows your website users to share images on Twitter. How? The images on your blog posts will have sharing buttons that users may click to share the image on their respective social media account.

7 Plugins to Integrate Twitter into WordPress

Image Sharer courtesy of SumoMe

The image will include the link to your post. Thus, providing a way for other people to find your place online.

Another tool in this plugin to integrate Twitter into WordPress is the highlighter. Whenever your readers love a line of thought in any of your posts and wish to share it, they can highlight it and share it immediately on their Twitter account.

Overall, this plugin helps drive in more followers, more visitors, and more conversions for your brand.

Now, it’s your turn. Do you know other plugins apart from these 7 Plugins to Integrate Twitter into WordPress? Feel free to share them with others in the comments below.

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