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Teen Entrepreneur Hosts Productivity Virtual Summit 2017

Teen Entrepreneur Hosts Productivity Virtual Summit 2017

Productivity. We all have goals in life and business. But as we advance towards them, sometimes our zeal and the results of our efforts decline. That is what the Productivity Virtual Summit this September 18-25 is going to help us with.

“Productivity is the true answer for accomplishing any big goal that you aspire.” – Marc Guberti, Teen Entrepreneur

Meet Teen Entrepreneur Marc Guberti

Teen Entrepreneur Hosts Productivity Virtual Summit 2017Marc is popularly known as the amazing host of Breakthrough Success podcast. At such a young age, he has already published eighteen books, spoke at a number of different events and shows, and continues to educate the world with his blog.

He started as a Boston Red Sox fan who decided to blog to connect with other fans. In the long run, he fell in love with it and dove deep into digital marketing and productivity.

His previous Content Marketing Summit has been a huge success. Now, he is ready with the Productivity Virtual Summit to help even more people. Because just like he said, age is no limit to success.

1. What does it mean to live a productive, fulfilling life? Where do you think most people fail in trying to pursue it?

Answer: I think most people fail in living a fulfilling life because they set big goals but hinge their happiness and their sense of self-worth on the accomplishment of those goals.

If they don’t accomplish them, they feel like they are not worthy. They feel unhappy as well.

But the thing is…

They have to be able to enjoy the journey but also appreciate themselves throughout. People fail because they focus more on what they have not accomplished, and dwell on it instead of acknowledging what they have already done.

Basically, my idea of a fulfilling life is that you’re in control and able to do what you love to do. Even when doing work, you still get to do what you love and are able to spend time with your family and everyone else you deem important.

If you do a lot of work, you become wealthy. But, that’s not wealth when you come home to a bunch of strangers in your home.

Happiness comes from knowing the people you should know, being able to live every moment of your life, doing what you love doing, and being able to spend time with your family and friends.

Teen Entrepreneur Hosts Productivity Virtual Summit 2017

2. Please tell us something about the four-step productivity approach. How did you come up with it and what does each step entail?

Answer: There are basically four steps: leverage time, achieve goals, be happy, and succeed.

  • Leverage Time – You need to have a new mindset when you approach time, so you can get more things done.
  • Goal Achievement – Once you leverage your time, you are able to utilize every minute of the day and go deeper into goal achievement. Consider what your time should consist of to move closer to your goals.
  • Happiness – This happens to fuel productivity. You don’t want to have that problem where you hinge all of your happiness and sense of self-worth on that big goal you are after. So, enjoy your journey and not make your happiness solely depend on the accomplishment of a single goal.
  • Success – This is the part when you finally achieved things in every aspect of your life. Take that ability to accomplish goals, be happy, and just advance it to a higher plane.

3. How can they attend the Productivity Virtual Summit? Is it totally for free?

Answer: It’s based online. They don’t have to spend for travel expenses and they can register anytime they want at the Summit website.

The actual Productivity Virtual Summit happens on September 18-25, 2017. All sessions are free for eight hours. Afterward, some of the sessions will be placed inside a vault.

But if they want a lifetime access to all 50+ sessions, they can get an all access pass. Our speakers are among the world’s most productive leaders, that I’m sure they too will love.

Teen Entrepreneur Hosts Productivity Virtual Summit 2017

4. Please share some personal words of invitation.

Answer: For those of you who are eager to attend the Productivity Virtual Summit, it’s going to be an 8-day event. You are going to learn from some of the world’s most productive leaders.

It took us a lot of work to get it ready, but I know these speakers are providing something of top value. When you walk away from the Summit, you’re not just going to have one or two takeaways.

You’re going to have a gigantic list of takeaways that will increase your productivity if you apply them in your life. I feel that productivity is the true answer for accomplishing any big goal that you aspire.

You can accomplish it and still love the journey by not hinging your happiness with it. And if you are able to increase your productivity, you are more able to make more great things happen in your life.

Teen Entrepreneur Hosts Productivity Virtual Summit 2017

5. Any piece of advice to fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs? How about to your fellow teenagers?

Answer: My mantra is that age is not a limit to success. It is neither too early or too late to start a business. One of the big reasons that I do my work is because I know that other teens would like to have that role model to see that it is not impossible.

Me doing this Productivity Virtual Summit is showing other teens that even with school and athletic schedule, success can be achieved. They too can do it.

And I truly believe that if you commit yourself to a big goal—to a big dream, you are willing to take action and get it done regardless of age and regardless of what you are trying to do.

Register for the Productivity Virtual Summit

Thank you so much to Marc Guberti for gracing us with this interview. Take a step closer to success by registering at the Summit website. There are more than 50 sessions to learn from.

Among the speakers are:

  • Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation
  • Jesse Kay of 20 Under 20’s
  • Jaime Jay of Stop Riding the Pine and Slapshot Studio
  • Mark Asquith of Hacksaw Studio
  • Lise Cartwright of The Write Life
  • Tom Ziglar of The Ziglar Show
  • Alinka Rutkowska of Author Remake

Visit the website for more information, and register to a lifetime of productivity and success. Cheers!

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