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Redefining Your Business with Chatbot Marketing

Redefining Your Business with Chatbot Marketing

What does chatbot marketing do and how does it work? Today we explore its possibilities in providing great customer services in four different business categories. Also, we’ll discuss how you too can earn from redefining your business with chatbot marketing.

Chatbot marketing is no longer new to the world of commerce. But if you have just recently heard about it, you can still grab the benefits that it has for you to enjoy. Cheers to a good start!

How Chatbots Work

To understand how chatbots work, let’s dive into an example. Consider that you have a sister who is having her birthday this weekend. Since the two of you are really close to each other, you decided to buy her a podcast microphone to help her launch her show.

So, you searched the internet for just the right product to surprise her with. And, glad you did. You found a nice shop online with the microphone that’s perfect for your budget and taste.

But before you purchase the product, you decided to get in touch with the business owner first. You wanted to learn more about the microphone and how it will be delivered to you. To your dismay, nobody was around to help you out.

That’s when chatbots step in.

“Chatbots are changing the face of the internet.” -Peter Lisoskie, Founder of Chatbot Nation

Chatbots are automated conversations that are available for your customers or clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They serve as assistants at your storefront.

Through them, you can provide people with different services, links to helpful resources, or tests that can get them more engaged with your brand. It is up to how far you can imagine in coming up with solutions for them.

It is typically frustrating to have to wait for a response for a seemingly simple yet obscure question. People would want someone or at least something that could help them at the moment.

4-Step Process in Chatbot Marketing

Here’s the cool thing: chatbots do more than just being available to people when they need you. They take them to a process, where you can eventually turn them into loyal supporters of your business.

“Chatbots are never sick, they never show up to work late, but above all, they create a user-relevant experience.” -Peter Lisoskie, Founder of Chatbot Nation

There are basically four steps in the marketing process:

  • Get leads
  • Captivate people
  • Build relationships
  • Convert into regular clients

All these four steps are highly applicable in chatbot marketing. Peter first tried it in his brick and mortar business. And guess what?

In the previous article we had about chatbots, he shared that they received an astounding 90% of open rates and 30% of click throughs. It’s a far cry from their usual 20% of open rates and 2-4% of click throughs!

This is because chatbot marketing allows potential customers to take control of the experience they have. The information that people receive are the ones that are primarily important to them.

Redefining Your Business with Chatbot Marketing

Chatbot Marketing for Your Business

Chatbots are great for any type of business. Right now at Slapshot Studio, we are seeing great opportunities to incorporate this type of marketing in the real estate, legal, brick and mortar, and online business. We specialize in helping out individuals and organizations in building their own, unique chatbots.

1. Real Estate

How do you define creativity in the real estate industry? With chatbots, you can be creative in providing potential clients with tailor-fit solutions.

To engage in a conversation as a chatbot, you can start by asking the inquiring individual whether he is a seller or buyer. If he’s a seller, you can go ahead by asking the type of property he owns, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the location of his property.

Once you have all those details, you can proceed to ask how you can reach them out in person. That way, you filter potential clients better and understand their needs better.

Check out the chatbot demo we have for real estate professionals.

2. Attorneys

Regardless of what you specialize in, you want to make sure you understand the needs of the person who is seeking for legal advice.

Using chatbots, you can start by asking which area he needs help with. If it’s a personal injury case, for example, you can then go ahead and ask whether he was bitten by a dog, injured by a tractor, or any other type of injury.

Once specified, you can proceed to provide him with resources or some pointers to help him proceed with his case. In the end, you can offer in-depth consultation when necessary.

Check out the chatbot demo we have for attorneys.

3. Brick and Mortar

Chatbot marketing for your brick and mortar business? As a business owner, it is natural to want more sales and conversions. That is perfectly what chatbots can help you with.

You can start by presenting a recent activity you did online in your niche. It could be a contest, a getaway, sales, or anything else. Your goal is to guide them—let them experience what it is like in your business.

You can then proceed to invite them to read some resources you have available or subscribe to stay updated.

Check out the chatbot demo we have for brick and mortar businesses.

4. Online Business

Just as digital marketers say, chatbot marketing is the future of marketing.

“There’s a major marketing shift going on and the smart early adopters can get started developing chatbots for leads, sales, and brand building inside Facebook Messenger no matter where you are in the world.” -Peter Lisoskie, Founder of Chatbot Nation

The 4-step process remains the same regardless of the kind of business you have. Online, you can have your own retail store, podcast, or blog. No matter where you are or who your target clients are, you can drive them to your brand with chatbots.

Check out the chatbot demo we have for online businesses.

Redefining Your Business with Chatbot Marketing

How You Can Earn with Chatbot Marketing

There are basically two ways to earn via chatbots. The first one is by going through the four steps: get leads, captivate, establish relationships, and convert. That way, you are able to filter down and ultimately reach out to those who are really interested in your business.

The higher the conversions, the higher the sales.

The second way to earn with chatbot marketing happens along the process. You can provide resources or links that will lead potential customers to premium content. That’s also one way to power up your marketing with affiliates.

Among the resources you can provide in chatbots are blog posts, videos, and links to ebooks.

Either way, you potential clients have the control over what they access. They get to see solutions that are primarily important to them.

As the business owner, your task is simply to make sure you design your chatbot in the best possible way that you can provide those solutions to them. Slapshot Studio offers a free chatbot consultation to help you get started.

Get Started in Chatbot Marketing

There are a lot of creative ways to offer your classic business solutions via chatbot marketing. Setting up a question and answer and presenting contests are just among them.

What do you want to achieve in your business? Are you getting out the most of your current marketing solution? Chatbot marketing is definitely something that you can consider providing for your valued community of customers.

“The rise in Facebook ad costs and all the noise of advertising in the news feed make it a great time for companies, business owners, and entrepreneurs to seek out alternative ways to decrease costs and create a better user experience for their potential customer.” -Peter Lisoskie, Founder of Chatbot Nation

With the rise of chatbots, the world can look forward to having more humanized business solutions.

You can still provide your potential and current clients with an opportunity to talk to you in person. Where chatbots help you most is in streamlining things for the both of you at the storefront.

By providing a better way to engage with customers and by receiving pre-qualified leads, you have a clearer and better way of understanding how you can grow your business. That is a good start to redefining your business with chatbot marketing.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact us today for a free chatbot consultation.

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