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Scale Your Business with Digital Marketing Specialist Edyne Plancy

Digital marketing has changed the way businesses promote. It introduced business owners to search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other marketing techniques just to succeed. For this, we interviewed Edyne Plancy of We Thrive Marketing. They have helped a number of businesses and individuals create sustainable and efficient digital marketing solutions. Get to know what other things they have in store!

About We Thrive Marketing

Without a doubt, We Thrive Marketing cares about its clients and their businesses. They work closely with their clients each step of the way.

“If clients provide you their hard-earned money, we make sure we provide them the service we promised.” -Edyne Plancy

Just like what their name suggests, they desire for their clients to thrive with the services and products they provide. Among them are, web design, Facebook advertising, landing pages, and their latest product—Messenger bots.

Visibility, leads, and sales. These are their three main targets for businesses and individuals they work with. They want them to be more visible, have more leads, and generate more sales.

The good part? They do not bill their clients until they have provided the service or product to them.

Here’s our question and answer with Edyne Plancy of We Thrive Marketing:

1. What are the important things to consider in digital marketing?

Answer: Keeping up-to-date with new technology and everything that is happening in the industry. It is very important to keep up with the techniques, the things that others are doing, and the things that are not working. This is one reason why we are entering Messenger bots.

The things that you have to keep up with does not necessarily have to do with website design, Facebook, and whatnot. It can be anything that will help the clients move forward with their respective businesses.

Another thing to consider is the opportunity that involves women. Personally to me, it’s very important that they learn how to code and have a part with the new creations that are coming in. It is very important that their voices are heard as well.

Right now, we are launching a new program called chatbots or Messenger bots. We understand the importance of keeping up on technology. There are new creations all the time, and it’s just important to keep up with what’s happening.

2. What do you think is the business owner’s greatest ally in digital marketing?

Answer: Providing great support which can be in the form of YouTube videos. It is great for disseminating information. It can be about Facebook or a new technology—simply anything that can help their clients stay informed as well.

That way, they are able to send the message to their audience directly. They can also send it to clients on all platforms. Particularly with us at We Thrive, we use LinkedIn a lot of times.

Apart from having great support, it’s also helpful that they have only 2 to 3 important points that can impact their companies right away if they implement them. Simply put, the information has to be concise.

If our clients are having a hard time doing it, they can call on us for help. Overall, it is not only having information to share that’s important but also being able to disseminate it efficiently.

Scale Your Business with Digital Marketing Specialist Edyne Plancy

3. Can you please walk us through the process of what happens after people sign a contract with you at We Thrive Marketing?

Answer: Sure! If people are considering to work with us, we first provide them with half an hour of consulting. They can get in touch with us for a good start. In our consultation, we make sure that they are the right fit.

We are very selective with the clients we work with. This is because we want to make sure that we are able to serve them.

After the consultation, we guide them through the sales process and work closely with them. We understand that our clients are also busy people. That is why as we work along, we do our best to gather the information we need in the most efficient way possible.

It is not about giving them more work. It is not about taking more of their time. We try to do it in the quickest manner possible so that our clients can come up with the right solutions in a better way as well.

4. When it comes to digital marketing, where do you think do most businesses fail? Could it be in consistency, writing a good copy, or marketing skills?

Answer: Not having a plan of what your company is to be like. Also, not having a clear mission about the services you want to offer and the culture of your company. And, not being afraid of taking someone that is not a good fit.

Many companies take clients just because they need clients. It’s like wearing a shirt or blouse that just doesn’t fit.

Success in business also has something to do with having the right people doing the right things. It is about having people who are working on their strengths and their sweet spots.

For example, I am able to talk to people and make sure that they receive the information they need. I also have the ability to translate their needs into the services they desire. Those are my strengths.

Everybody is different. Others in the team may have a knack for marketing. For that, they are able to come up with a plan.

Whether they be in-charge of posting, working on social media, or doing web design, I trust that what they provide to me is one of the best because it is their sweet spot.

“Working with a team that is for your mission, has your mission, and is better than you is surely an asset to success.” -Edyne Plancy

At We Thrive Marketing, we place importance on two things. One is to ensure our clients are served, while the other is to bill them only when they already receive the service.

A Word about Branding

You can have a variety of posts anywhere on the internet. But, all of those represent a sense of who you are. Understanding and clarifying your vision and mission is key.

Having a great coach is also helpful. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can simply do some research and check on what others are doing. You can refer to them for inspiration.

“When you have all the capabilities, all the excuses are why you don’t do things. But, that is not the point.” -Edyne Plancy

What’s important is that you get started. You can join a mastermind group with people who are doing things—people who are making changes, progressing in their pursuits, and are there for each other as well as for you.

It is important to be cognizant of who you are around with. Find others who are close to your mission.

A Word about Testing

It’s important to test different things to see what works best. It saves you time and money.

“In digital marketing, testing is important to see what works best for you and your business” -Edyne Plancy

Entrepreneurs have so many things on their plate. If they don’t test, they won’t see results right away. Consequently, the can get deflated and discouraged.

But they can accomplish that with us.

We are also very good at landing pages that create traffic and drive conversions. Everything that we do is not really to get people but to engage them in their message. It comes with the basic idea that we know and understand their needs—this is key also with social media marketing.

Scale Your Business with Digital Marketing Specialist Edyne Plancy

5. How did you start in the digital marketing industry?

Answer: I used to work in the corporate world for more than fifteen years. I worked for big companies and ended up as an IT Project Manager.

One of the things I learned was the importance of a great customer service. I dealt with it for many years. Who would want to go back to a store that’s inadequate in serving its customers?

That idea inspired me to provide better service. It’s paramount to listen better and serve better. And, we can do that by creating relationships with our clients.

When I left the company, I happened to tell a client about my plan. He was very happy with it and even assured me that I was one of the best that he has worked with. Furthermore, he also said that I was a quick learner, that I took care of my clients very well, and that I made sure to deliver what they needed.

That is exactly what we do now at our digital marketing company. We do our best to understand our clients before we work on their accounts.

“You do not need to know every aspect of the business. But you need to surround yourself with the key people that really know and have great expertise in their field.” -Edyne Plancy

I surrounded myself with the best, and that’s huge. You can’t really start with having a knowledge of everything already. There are learning curves down the road, and it’s also important that you surround yourself with great people.

6. What do you think is the future of Facebook Advertising? Where is it headed?

Answer: Facebook advertising is our main product at We Thrive Marketing. Right now, its future is chatbots. It’s the best thing that is coming.

Chatbots or Messenger bots are changing the way we do business. We acknowledge that they are quicker, but it’s still important to take the time to nurture the people you are working with. Take time to understand and provide a lot of value to people.

7. How do people get in touch with you?

Answer: If people want to reach out or if they want to work with us, they can visit us at or email us at We are also on Facebook.

“You can do whatever you want to accomplish, as your dreams are already created and are waiting for you.” -Edyne Plancy

**Thank you so much to Edyne Plancy for gracing us with this interview. Feel free to get in touch with her through the links above. You can also tune into her podcast at The Edyne Plancy Show. Digital marketing, after all, is something that you can use to scale your business.

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