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SUMMER Slow Down to SPARK INNOVATION Conference (2017)

Slow Down to Spark Innovation Conference this SUMMER (2017)Innovation. When we think about innovation, we think about all the amazing ideas we have that can create an impact. It can be a book, an e-course, a podcast, or something else that is not yet available to our specific niche.

But as we go towards realizing them, we tend to become wrapped up in life and career. What is to become of those great ideas?

This summer, Joe Sanok of Practice of the Practice will host a 7-day Slow Down Conference that’s aimed to help you increase your income, influence, and impact.

Joe is a top private counselor, podcast host, author, and speaker. He has been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Online Counseling Programs, and more. In all these, he desires to help fellow counselors sustain and scale their practices so that they too can live the life they want.

“There are times that you have to sprint, but it’s not sustainable. It’s a chapter, and not THE book. I found that when we slow down, it's when that innovation—those sparks—starts to fly.” -Joseph Sanok

Move Forward with a Plan

Joe and his wife one day thought about how they could help other counselors be refreshed and rejuvenated. They want to help them move forward with the great ideas they have.

Often the hustles and bustles of life take over those ideas that are just waiting to be realized.

Counselors in particular can get too wrapped up with the tasks of helping their clients relieve stress or negative emotions. They can be preoccupied with helping their clients set their goals that they neglect theirs.

Needless to say, counselors help people become better and feel better. That is an open door for them to make a difference not only in their clients’ individual lives but also in the community that their clients belong.

Innovation and influence can go on a long way. Their combined effect can send ripples even to unexpected places.

The question is: how can counselors get right with their innovative ideas, and create a perfect plan to carry them out?

That is what the conference is about.

“I wanted to create something for extroverts and introverts alike. For successful therapists to come to a place where they don't feel so alone but instead are encouraged to keep going and growing.” -Joseph Sanok

Whether you enjoy the solace of being alone or whether you love to hang out with other colleagues—whatever type of personality you have, the conference suits you just right.

Things You Will Love about the Slow Down Conference

Are you ready to take your counseling practice to the next level? The conference will be held on July 30 to August 5, 2017 at Traverse City, Michigan. Here are among the exciting perks that await:

1. A Conference to Advance Your Practice

Slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean falling behind your goals. To slow down, you take a step back and consider your vision and the actions you’ve taken.

It includes 3 essential steps: purging, practice, and presence.

By definition, purging means freeing yourself from any unwanted emotions, memories, or situations. It is when you take a time out and let go of all those negativities that maybe pulling you away from experiencing the best life.

In the conference, you’ll have a time to relax and break away from noise. There will be times of silence, hikes, paddle boarding, deep breathing as well as small sessions. 

Then you’ll also have a time to refresh, where you get to meditate and hone those sparks of innovation you have. Through various exercises, you will learn how to identify your boundaries and connect ideas.

Lastly, you will have a time to get right with those ideas, and come up with an exact plan to make them come true.

All these steps have been set to help you advance your counseling practice. By following them, you get to have a clear mind, a clear vision, and a better understanding of what to do to succeed.     

2. Expert Speakers

What specific strategies should you use in realizing your goals? That’s where these speakers come in. They will guide you through the process of planning out your strategies.

Slow Down to Spark Innovation Conference this SUMMER (2017)

  • Kelly Higdon - A National Consultant who can help you align your key strengths and understand what you can achieve with them
  • Cupla Media - Video experts who can help you reach out and connect to your clients through professional videos
  • Jaime Jay - Slapshot Studio’s very own Managing Director who can help you craft a remarkable brand experience with a website

There are more to every day than simply completing tasks in your practice. What ideas do you want to take shape and create an impact? You just be needing some help in visualizing them and crafting the steps you need to take.   

3. ALSO OPEN to Counselors Who are Not in the Private Practice

The great thing about this conference is it’s open to all counselors. The lessons you’ll learn can be applied to settings outside the private practice.

You can be working at a non-profit organization, a college, or a business that isn’t yours. That is perfectly fine, and you are welcome to attend.

The thing is…

If you are a counselor who wants to create an impact, this conference has been prepared especially for you. Great ideas need time to craft, and their respective holders need time to carry them out as well.

Slowing down empowers you to seize that vision and re-energize yourself so that you can take on that path to success.

4. Accommodation at The Leelanau School

Leelanau provides the perfect setting to slow down. It has areas where you can relax, hike, and just be far away from city noise. It is complete with a fire pit, river, dining hall and great food.

Imagine hiking with colleagues, walking by the riverside, planning your ideas with a glass of wine. It’s just right to free your mind and plan out.

About the rooms…

You can choose to share a room with someone or have one on your own. If you are planning to go by yourself, you will be paired with the same gender and the same interests. There is, however, a $75/night charge if you want to have the room to yourself.

Food will be exceptionally prepared by the on campus chef. There will be 3 meals per day, with snacks and coffee. You can also choose to go gluten free, vegan, or vegetarian.

5. Other Options to Attend

What if you cannot afford to pay the entire cost? Or, what if you just want to attend for few days? Here are other options that you can avail:

  • There are sessions you can attend from July 30 to August 2. They are geared towards learning about the 3 essential steps, namely: purge, practice, and presence. You can avail the package for only $1,900 per person. You will love the experience of relaxing by the beach, meditating with MUSE, and more.
  • If you want to focus on improving your business, you are welcome to attend the sessions that will run from August 2 to 4. It’s open for only $1,900 per person. You will learn how to connect with clients through online tools, and participate in group consultations, hot seats, wine tasting, and more.

You are welcome to join with your friend, colleague, or family. But, you will have to pay for the standard fees for each person.

Visit Practice of the Practice website to learn more about this exciting event, or simply click here.

Taking the First Step to Innovation

Making a difference in people's lives is possible. As counselors, you can turn that into a reality through the opportunities you have with your clients. You do it when you help them relieve stress, sharpen their individual perspectives, or set goals for them to improve.

But, how about you? How are your own goals and ideas?

All those things empower others and the society they belong. But, what's even better is when you too get to appreciate your contributions and improve your skills, your practice.

Whether you are working full time or part time, you can take the ideas you have and turn them into something that both you and your clients can enjoy.

Joe is a prime example of someone who took his practice to the next level. Since he applied the strategies he learned, his income increased to over 2,000%. You can ask him how.

Now, he wants to share the success he experienced to his fellow counselors.

You could be someone who is just starting in the field, or someone who has already spent many years in the practice. Whatever situation you are in and whatever personality type you have, Joe has prepared this conference to help you level up.

Visit now, and register for the summer conference. Spark and innovate. See you there!

**Video courtesy of Practice of the Practice

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