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Stop Riding the Pine

Stop Riding the Pine Podcast Welcomes Season 3

Since her debut in September of 2014, Stop Riding the Pine has been blazing the world with topics about online marketing. She has released 138 episodes that entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and practically everyone else in the industry can benefit from. What else is in store? Join us as Stop Riding the Pine Podcast Welcomes Season 3!

About Stop Riding the Pine Podcast

Get off the bench — this is what the podcast has been about. Whatever industry and whatever interests you have in mind, there exists a need to get off the bench and get in the game.

You could be an entrepreneur who has spent a number of years in the industry or someone who is looking forward to starting his own entrepreneurial journey. To grow and ultimately succeed, you have to be in the game to know firsthand what it is like.

Stop riding the pine and get in the game.

For that reason, Jaime Jay of the SRTP show has been interviewing leading personalities from different fields and levels of expertise. The most recent ones are:

When you take a step back, you will find general principles that you too can apply to succeed in your field. It is in the SRTP show where you might find your answers to questions like “How do I increase my follower count?” and “What do I need to do to stay in my game?”.

NHL Player Series

It is no secret that Stop Riding the Pine podcast was born out of Jaime’s passion for hockey. That was why in April this year the show launched the NHL Player Series. It seeks to feature the stories of former National Hockey League players.

Stop Riding the Pine Podcast Welcomes Season 3

How did they start in the game? What are their unforgettable moments? What are they currently up to?

So far, the show has released four episodes featuring:

  • Reed Low – “I love the people. I love the game of hockey. It’s given me everything I have in the world today. And, giving back is not an obligation—it’s a privilege.”
  • Sergio Momesso – “The first year I came into the league with the Montreal Canadiens, we won the cup.”
  • Mike Zuke – “Don’t be afraid to take that leap. You gotta put in the hard hours, you gotta invest, you gotta put your nose to the grindstone, and work at it. The opportunities are there. Just don’t give up.”
  • Brian Propp – “Try your best—even if you are not that good—and enjoy the game of hockey.”

There are more coming as Stop Riding the Pine podcast welcomes season 3. Jaime has seen how these players succeeded from their career on ice to the world outside. Many have been successful in business as well.

Proceeds of the NHL Player Series will go to the St. Louis Blues Alumni Association charities. The SRTP show will also be releasing a book out of the interviews. Stay tuned!

SRTP Wednesday Mass Release

To welcome its third season, the SRTP show will be releasing a number of episodes on Wednesday, August 23. The team is grateful for the listeners’ continued support.

Among the guests that you can look forward to listening in the upcoming days:

  • Drew Massie – You’ve Found That Next Great Thing, How Do You Start?
  • Steve Caldwell – Self-Awareness Builds Successful Businesses and Successful Teams
  • Phil Potts – The Renegade Gentleman
  • Nancy Bleeke – How to Communicate Effectively in the Modern Age of Technology

The show will continue to air every Wednesday by 8 am CST.

Shoutout to the Production Team

The show would not have been made possible without the production team from Podcast Pilot. Over the years, the show has had the privilege of working with passionate individuals. Like they say, there’s no stopping for these guys.

A great shoutout to the team’s audio engineer Michael Duruin, executive producer Sara Parrish, and writers Karen and Kristine Onihog. Everyone has done a fantastic job. Kudos to all of you for your efforts!

It has been a crazy, exhilarating journey. Everyone has had his own share of ups and downs, nevertheless, a vast horizon still awaits. As Stop Riding the Pine podcast welcomes season 3, just keep going and keep on doing what you love best. Cheers!

Things to Look Forward in Season 3

To give you a glimpse of what season 3 would be like, we interviewed audio engineer Michael “MikeD” Duruin.

Before joining the team, Mike used to edit songs and musical pieces. It took him some time before getting used to editing podcast episodes. But it has been a great journey to him thus far.

“Never in my wildest dreams [did I expect] that I would come this far. I’m blessed to be surrounded by wonderful and crazy people who are making the journey more memorable and relentless!” – Michael Duruin

He’s had his own share of struggles, too. Many times he needed to wake up outside of his working hours just to edit episodes. But he loves his job.

“It is really a whole process of evolving what you want the episodes to sound like, or how you think they’re gonna sound, versus how they come out.” – Michael Duruin

Contrary to what many think, the job of an audio engineer isn’t that easy. With deadlines fast approaching, there exists a need to be flexible with any urgent changes that could arise.

An episode that is good to the ears may have taken hours of arranging, reducing noise, and cutting out unnecessary parts of the recording. No wonder why the team dubs him as Magic Mike. They could not quite figure out how he completes all of the episodes—each piece is like a work of magic.

Now as Stop Riding the Pine podcast welcomes season 3, Mike looks forward to more fun and new insights. He tells the listeners to expect the team to expand the comic and cinematic aspects of the show. Expect more variety and expect more aha moments.

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