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How to Take Full Advantage of Videos for Your Brand

How to Take Full Advantage of Videos for Your Brand

The use of videos to tell stories is still popular on various social media platforms. In the United States alone, according to Statista, 36 percent of internet users watch videos on a daily basis. Here are 5 ways to take full advantage of videos for your brand.

1. Plan ahead of time

More and more people are considering videos for their stories. Young people and adults alike are using videos to captivate people’s hearts and introduce to their ideas and thoughts, be they personal or things that concern others on a wider scale. They record, edit, and/or do a live stream — and chances are they take up most of your social home feed.

How do you cut through the noise and stand out?

One can never go wrong with preparing ahead of time. Write your ideas on paper or on a digital notepad and come up with a good strategy for implementing them.

When preparing, you may ask yourself the following questions as a guide:

  • Is your camera working?
  • How about your microphone?
  • Are there any issues with your live streaming device that you should fix?
  • What do you intend to accomplish with your video?
  • What specific actions do you want your viewers to fulfill?
  • Where do you want to publish your video?
  • Do you need to use a video editor?

The questions can go on and on. What’s important is that you consider all the things that you need to complete and the tools you’ll use in the process.

Once everything is in place, the next move is to smile and get the ball rolling for your video content.

2. Market to your target audience

Time for distribution. Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube — there are a variety of social platforms that you can use to take full advantage of videos for your brand. Every platform has its own set of strengths and weaknesses.

But, even with remarkable content, you could still end up attracting the wrong kind of traffic. Content, after all, is like an arrow shot into the air and where it lands will matter — it tells you whether it’s a bullseye or a miss. Thus, simply distributing content anywhere there’s space is like shooting arrows to who knows where.

One important question to ask is: Who are the people who should be viewing your video?

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A nugget of wisdom from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk on growing a business online…

“Email and Google AdWords is a sprint, social media is a marathon. Together, you’re an unstoppable force.”

As discussed in Vaynerchuk’s interview with Mike Freeman, many have taken advantage of having an online presence. Brick and mortar businesses, for example, have moved into the online sphere. They thrive on social media, on online shopping platforms, and may even have their own websites.

How do you stand out in the midst of a growing competition online? Vaynerchuk was wise enough to see that it was a constant battle that he needed to succeed. He used the data he received from his email list to move forward in his business.

Areas where you may distribute your videos:

  • Email subscriptions
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs and podcast show notes
  • Advertisements on YouTube
  • Niche groups online

Regardless of which distribution method or strategy you’ll use, marketing to your target audience will empower you to reap the benefits of hard work. Have a picture of who they are, how you can reach them, the best place they are mostly found, and hit the bullseye with your video content.

3. Take advantage of the social platforms and their strengths

Each of the social platforms has unique strengths that people freely pick up and enjoy.

Facebook is home to multimedia sharing, chatbots, and shopping carts. Instagram has grown popular with their photo and video stories. And, Twitter has served as a go-to place for authentic and “at-the-moment” conversations.

You too may pick up these strengths and use them to take full advantage of videos for your brand.

One thing that we’ve tried to implement on our Stop Riding the Pine Podcast is the use of promotional graphics. Every week, we would create and send out customized graphics for our guests to help promote their episodes to their online communities. They can use them in their email newsletters, blogs, social media, and anywhere they wanted.

What have we learned? Always take into consideration the usability of the design on the platform that the guest intends to promote it. Instagram, for example, could only use square-shaped graphics; rectangular ones would appear cropped.

It is one thing to have a neat and beautiful design, and another to have something that is usable. But you can hit both points and use that principle to take full advantage of videos for your brand.

“When you start looking at the data, you realize that posting the same thing across every channel doesn’t work. You post the same exact thing at the same exact time on two different networks that incentivize different behaviors and you will lose.” – Gary Vaynerchuk in his article How to Tell a Story on Social Media

Similarly, with videos, you may ask yourself this question: Is this suitable for my audience on this particular platform? Because what works on one does not necessarily work on the other.

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4. Master your tools in video creation

Get in the know of what works and what doesn’t for your video tools or software. You may prefer one tool over another, but one thing common is that each was built for specific uses.

Explore their potential and learn how you can use them best for sharing your stories and ideas. No matter how beautiful your story is, if it is poorly presented, it could end up lost behind the noise online

Some of the tools you may use:

  • TinyTake for video screen recordings
  • OBS for live or recorded videos
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for square videos

There are also repositories for free audio and video clips. To name just a few, there are ZapSplat, Pexels Videos, Distill, and Mazwai.

Explore, learn and be creative in crafting your video content for your niche communities. Consistency in quality and brand is also something you might want to invest in.

5. Stay updated with the industry trends

Like they say, success isn’t something you achieve overnight. It is a continuous process of hard work, innovation, failures and small triumphs. It is a journey with its own share of ups and downs and of stops and starts.

Every year, there are new trends as well as new tools that you can use to take full advantage of videos for your brand. Stay updated with the industry that you belong. When change is necessary, one must be willing to venture into the unknown and be brave enough to take the first step towards success.

The Big Takeaway from Videos

Videos are simply mediums for telling a great story. How you use them for your brand is something which you can learn and master in order to draw the forces of attraction in your favor.

To take full advantage of videos for your brand, know your story and craft it in the best way possible using the tools you have. Free resources abound on the internet; learn to determine which ones are reliable and the potential they possess in your hands.

And even with all the ideas you have for a great video, an effective strategy for distributing your content is something you shouldn’t go without. All these are essential to your success with videos. It’s a full package.

Got any other ideas on How to Take Full Advantage of Videos for Your Brand? Share your thoughts with others in the comments below.

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