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4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start a Podcast

Podcasting is no longer new to the vast majority. People listen to it while commuting to work, walking their dogs around the park, resting in the afternoon—people listen to podcasts everywhere. While some skeptics say that it’s for sheer publicity, having your own podcast is actually more than that. Here are the 4 top reasons why you should start a podcast. Understand what a podcast does, consider some tips when starting one, and get your show rolling!  

1. Connect with Like-minded People

There is room for all kinds of interests in podcasting. You can run a podcast show about fitness, education, film, marketing, programming, cooking, fashion—you can feature any interest you have. You can also arrange your show creatively and in any way you want.

The thing is…

It’s a crossroad of interests. It’s where people of similar minds meet.

When you have a podcast, you open yourself up to people who enjoy the same things like you do. You get to connect with them, and develop that unique relationship in the long run.

It may be challenging to attract loyal listeners in the beginning. But as your show advances, you’ll find people who are willing to stay with you. Quality content is key.

2. Create a Community of Like-minded People

Having the same interests is good, but having a community of individuals with similar interests is more than good—it’s powerful.

Podcasting gives you the privilege to influence lives. Once you connect with others, you give yourself the opportunity to create an amazing podcast community. You can develop the special relationship you have with your listeners, and grow with them towards success.

“The more that people know how they fit in a team, the more they will desire to properly make the most of their fit and maximize their contribution.” -John C. Maxwell

Having a podcast community is like having a team that you can share interesting moments with. When you guide your listeners to understanding the importance of your message—when you add value to them, they will be willing enough to reach out to people they know and share the wonderful experience they have with you. It will be easy for them to engage and contribute something to grow your influence as a team.

In the end, with podcasting, you position yourself as a key in sparking change. There are so many individuals longing for someone that they could turn tables with. They may have the interest, but not enough inspiration to actually make things happen.

As podcaster, you can share what you love, create a community, grow with that community, and make things happen. Now, isn’t teamwork sweet?

3. Share What You Know

If you have something that you are passionate about, podcasting can be your best way to share that to others. Why not give people the opportunity to benefit from your thoughts? There are lots of individuals out there who are looking for inspiration, tips, or ideas about specific topics.

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start a PodcastAs podcaster, you can provide that “nugget of wisdom” that people want and need.

If you are passionate about fiction, you can create a podcast focused on stories about romance, mystery, and other interests you have in mind. Podcasting is an exciting way to do storytelling.

If you are very much interested in business, you can have a podcast interviewing a variety of thought leaders in that niche. One such podcast is Stop Riding the Pine by Jaime Jay. People can learn a lot from the experiences and skills you feature.

There’s no telling where your passion can take you. But as long as it stays, you can find new topics and inspiration to run your show. The spring will keep flowing as long as its source still lives.

4. Entertain Because You Love What You Do

You can combine your passion with podcasting. It’s a great way of sharing what you love to others, and letting them understand why you love it.


Despite how easy it appears to many, podcasting requires a lot of hard work. It’s not a typical conversation where you can simply express your thoughts out and talk ceaselessly.

It requires you to be consistent in your publication, to be dedicated in putting out quality content, and to be active in engaging with your audience. And, it will become a part of you whether you like it or not.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs

Podcasting is work. And if you don’t love doing it or if you don’t find it interesting enough, chances are you’ll end up quitting earlier than you expected.

Many people start a podcast only to find themselves stopping halfway. To think about it, there have been hundreds of thousands of podcasts launched but only a number remain active.

If you love podcasting, preparing for new episodes wouldn’t be too much of a burden. You’ll find ideas just around the corner to make your show more exciting. Love flows out freely and unconditionally.

You WILL make it entertaining, because you want it to flourish and reach out to more people. And, you CAN make it entertaining because you love doing it. It’s that simple.

Things to Consider When Starting a Podcast

Before you launch your amazing show, here are some classic takeaways to consider:

1. You Can’t Start with the Idea of Marketing

Podcasting is a favorite among business owners. It’s a great way to market their brands to more people—more chances to increase their sales. But, you can’t start a podcast with this thing in mind.


Most—if not all—listeners tune in to learn something or find something entertaining. Sure you can direct people to listening to a show to know more about your company or product. But, how interesting is your product for them to tune in for more in the long run?

If you want your podcast show to attract listeners, you need to create something captivating which people can benefit from. Podcasting is a way of adding value to others. You start a podcast because you believe others can benefit from what you have to share.

Marketing your company will only be effective when you already have an established community.

You can start your podcast by boosting your listeners’ trust that you have something valuable. Identify what interests them the most. And, make ways to engage and strengthen the relationship you have.

It’s how you create and develop a podcast community. It’s how you build a community that will adhere to your company.

2. Focus on Creating Something Entertaining and Informative

How do people discover a podcast? What could possibly lead them to your show?

Although podcasting is popular, it still isn’t that easy to get discovered unless you already have a reputation in your niche. People can type in search boxes, click on a hashtag, or be piqued by friends or influencers to find the show you launched.

When they do find you, that’s your time to make them want for more.


Show them why you are worth it. Help them understand why you’re worth their time. Research shows that you only have 60 seconds or less to make a good first impression.

It’s easy to get sidetracked with the need to produce new episodes. Again, podcasting requires hard work and with it come lots of tasks to fulfill. But, the fact still remains: content is what people look after.

Focus on creating valuable content. Make it as entertaining and informative as you can. That way, people will know you have something worth their while.

3. People Love to Learn New Information about their Interests

Listeners come from different backgrounds and situations. But, they all have that same curiosity to click on a link, follow a hashtag, or support an influencer. We’re all inherently curious individuals.

Think about this…

Before people discover a podcast, they trail behind a specific interest they have in mind. It could be basketball, bags, cars, literature, or whatever there is that leads them to that podcast. Their willingness to know more about it drives them in.

You can invest in that same interest and create a unique content about it.

If You Think You Should Start a Podcast…

There is truth in the saying: what works for one may not work for others. Podcasting is among the many ways to share a good idea. It’s only one way to market your brand.

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Start a PodcastBut…

Many people dive into the opportunity without fully understanding what it requires.

“The problem with the gold rush mindset is that it believes that the gold is just there to be picked up. That a trend is so overwhelming lucrative that anyone can strike it rich if they show up.” -Ryan Holiday

As Ryan put it, people tend to see podcasting as a valuable tool that they can succeed with any time soon they go live. It’s popular. That’s true. But, it requires you to work it out as well.

You can have your own voice and have your own style of delivery, but it’s a craft that you need to hone. There exists a need for you to be creative and produce something of value.

As you advance in the industry, learn from the experiences of others. Listen to your target audience. Be a thought leader in the best way you can be, because after all your listeners are the ones who add value to your show.

Value them—you’ll never know where your relationship will take you.

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