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21 Ways to Do Facebook Chatbot Marketing

21 Ways to Do Facebook Chatbot Marketing

Chatbots on Messenger have provided a better way to generate leads, improve engagement with customers, and increase conversions. As our Chief Chatbot Officer of Fun Peter Lisoskie once said, they are a mega-trend which business owners and organizations would not want to miss. Here are 21 ways to do Facebook chatbot marketing.

We compiled a list of ideas from available chatbots that you might also want to implement. All these specifically fall under four main industries: real estate, legal, brick and mortar, and online business.

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Real Estate Facebook Chatbot Ideas

Whether you are catering to home builders, developers, sellers, or potential buyers, finding leads is essential. Everyone wants to make sure that they find the perfect deal. With chatbots, you can have pre-qualified leads to power up your business.

Here are a couple of Facebook chatbot ideas:

1. Answer buyer questions on real estate

What are some of the most common questions among buyers? They could be questions about the process or the length of time it takes to purchase a property.

They could also be questions on the roles of the different kinds of people they need to deal with in the process. Give them a hand and provide them with the answers they needed to know.

2. Provide local crime statistics

When looking for a property, one of the concerns that people have is the crime rate in a specific location. This happens most often with potential home buyers.

They simply want to make sure that the new place would work for their kids, their pets, or for their own set of preferences.

3. Connect buyers with an expert

Help match buyers with reliable real estate experts who could match their budget and specific concerns. You can provide that expert’s contact information as well as reviews on his services.

4. Answer questions about a property

Buyers may sometimes ask questions on a specific property on your list. You can gather and organize the information beforehand, and provide the answers they needed to know through your Facebook chatbot.

Apart from buyers, you may also cater to developers and home builders and provide them with the information they needed to advance.

5. Help a developer locate upcoming properties

Get in the lead of property listings and notify a developer when a new property beckons.

6. Educate potential buyers on loan programs

Start an online course, provide a series of articles or videos, or simply educate a potential property buyer with a Facebook chatbot. Teach them what they needed to know about the available loan programs.

7. Advertise a property for sale or for lease

Got some properties in your list? Advertise them on an image or video through your Facebook chatbot.

Facebook Chatbot Ideas for the Legal Industry

Chatbots are also beneficial to law firms, private attorneys, and everyone else in the legal industry. One way or another, each person is bound by a specific set of rules and legal responsibilities. These may cover legal concerns on health, family, education, crime — almost anything under the sun.

Here are a couple of Facebook chatbot ideas:

8. Provide legal documents

To make things convenient, you can trust your chatbot to deliver the necessary documents and contracts. No need to spend on travel expenses just to get to a legal client and hand him the documents he needed.

9. Answer questions about a legal issue … in layman’s term

Dura lex, sed lex. In English this means “The law is harsh but it is the law.” Alright, but it does not necessarily mean that the law also has to be difficult to understand.

Help someone advance in his case by providing him answers to his concerns. Or, offer a guide for anyone to use in the legal industry.

10. Recommend a reliable lawyer

People want to know people that they can trust to defend their case or to help them carry on specific responsibilities with legal concerns.

One thing you can do is help them find a reliable lawyer that could match their budget, location, and other set of preferences.

11. Educate students and parents on legal concerns

Every school requires the members of its community to adhere to specific codes of conduct. Uniform policy, rules on setting up an organization, things to know about absences, and the list goes on.

Even before a student, parent, teacher, or any other member of the community crosses the line, you can equip him or her with a simple guide via Facebook chatbot.

The same may also be done by corporations for their employees and officers.

12. Provide scripts for specific complaints

Hasten the delivery of justice by making it easy for people to write their complaints on specific issues. Provide them with drafts that they can modify or follow.

13. Connect an immigrant with a volunteer translator

The immigration process could be tough on some especially when they do not understand or do not speak the language concerned. Help them find someone nearby who is willing to speak on their behalf or to advise them on what they should do next.

Brick and Mortar Facebook Chatbot Ideas

Want to gather more people to your museum, store, spa, office, restaurant, or special place? Facebook chatbots can be your answer to succeed in any endeavor.

Here are a couple of Facebook chatbot ideas:

14. Invite to workshops and events

Notify your subscribers about your upcoming event, and make the most out of photos, videos, and other resources to inform them about it. And, yes, all these can be done with your Facebook chatbot.

15. Schedule appointments

Have vacant time slots in your schedule? Build a chatbot to make it convenient for your clients to find you and book an appointment.

16. Provide pricing information

When people know you have products to sell or services that they can avail, one of the most popular questions they have in mind is your pricing.

Give them pricing options to choose from via Facebook chatbot.

17. Provide a list of your branches

Guide people on where to find your brand by providing them your address. You can provide a link via chatbot or consult with our chatbot expert Peter Lisoskie on creative ways for people to find you.

Online Business Facebook Chatbot Ideas

Are you a coach, a strategist, a designer, an e-commerce merchant, or a podcaster? Attract more clients for your online business using chatbot marketing.

Here are a couple of Facebook chatbot ideas:

18. Promote with Pete the Podcaster

Pete was specially built to help podcasters increase the number of their loyal listeners. Podcasters simply direct listeners to find Pete on Messenger, where he will then take on the center stage and guide them on how to subscribe and leave a rating and review for the show.

19. Showcase product reviews

Write reviews or produce videos of them to guide clients about specific products on your list. Once you have these resources available, you can include them to showcase in your chatbot.

20. Offer discount coupons

Thinking about the holiday peaks for your online business? Make the most out of Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s or other special big events. You can treat your customers with discount coupons to use on items in your inventory.

21. Provide tips and strategies

Do you specialize in counseling, leadership, podcasting — what is that one thing that you are very good at? Grow your business online by providing clients with tips and strategies on how-tos and whatnots.

There are yet so many other ideas to do Facebook chatbot marketing. Creativity is key and there is simply no telling how far you can reach until you try your ideas in mind.

Do you know anything else apart from these 21 Ways to Do Facebook Chatbot Marketing? Share them with others in the comments below!

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