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8 Ways to Market Your Company with a Website

Having a website gives you the power to promote to more people in your market. It enables you to extend and expand your company, and gives people more reasons to visit you. Here are 8 ways to market your company with a website. Understand how a website can help, and implement efficient ways to grow!

1. Showcase Your Brand

Your brand is more than your company’s name, products, logo, and services. It’s your overall identity.

“…your brand is not what you say it is, it’s what THEY say it is.” -Marty Newmeier

People buy your products because they know they can trust you. You give them assurance and peace of mind that your products are of good quality and that many others enjoy it.

What your customers and partners say matter. No business or organization thrives without their market’s support.

You may not have to listen to everything they have to say. What’s important is you know what your company is about. This is why you need branding. Here’s a list of what yo can do with a brand:

  • Establish trust
  • Add value
  • Stand out

With a website, you provide people with a better way to know your company. You can give them more information, and be more creative in presenting your brand to them.

What do people remember when they hear your company’s name? Can they identify what you are about? Brand your company, and use your website to guide people to it.

2. Yes to a Responsive Website

Next to a strong brand is a responsive website. Being responsive means being able to cater to the different needs of your site users. For this, your site should look and feel good regardless of the device.

People visit you with different purposes in mind. As their go-to company, you want to provide them with solutions that are convenient no matter what situation they are in.

As technology advances, more people are finding their way to the internet using mobile devices. To ensure your site gives them the same quality experience, you need to make sure your site performs well in mobile devices just as it does in desktops.

A mobile-responsive site allows you to extend your company to more networks easily, without worrying whether your market is indeed experiencing the best from you.

Search engines, particularly Google, also favor sites that are mobile friendly. It is in their best interest to make things easier for internet browsers. When your site is accessible and compatible with any mobile device, people see your visuals clearly, understand your message better, and have more reasons to buy or follow.

Why Design Matters Defining User Experience3. Succeed with Aesthetics

No matter how cliche it is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Your site’s look and feel influence your site users’ perceptions about your brand.

“Contemporary aesthetics defy a universal rule, arguing that there is no singular definition of beauty or art, but rather that both can be found and experienced in the moment, by the observer.” -Paul Ford

How people perceive beauty and art may have changed over time. Lots of changes occur every year, and a person’s perceptions can change with it as well.

But, what remains the same is the fact that people appreciate aesthetics. If we go back to its earliest idea, Plato suggests that the most pleasing object is one that most closely resembles the original.

Similarly in websites if all your visuals and content exactly fit your brand, people won’t have a hard time understanding it. They will find it appealing enough to go through your site and check what you have to offer.

This refers mainly to your site’s user experience. It’s a combination of a number of disciplines, including design and research. Whatever your company is about, your goal is to ensure your site:

  • Looks great and feels great.
  • Is easy to understand.
  • Matches user expectation.
  • Functions properly.
  • Achieves end goals.

People enjoy unique experiences. With a website, you give your company a better way to market. You can use aesthetics to exactly represent you.

4. Enable Easy Navigation

Aesthetics works effectively with ease of navigation. You can have a site that looks good, but can be unproductive if people don’t know where to go. It’s like painting a ceiling just because you wanted to.

With your website, you should be able to guide people where to go. Think about what you want them to do. Help them understand what they should be doing in your site.

Here are some things you can do:

  • List down what you want people to do in your site.
  • Check to see if you have the necessary features and functions.
  • Organize and design your site accordingly.
  • Avoid hiding important features such as the search box.
  • Match your page titles, menu, etc. with what they contain.
  • Ensure your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Boost your page and site’s speed.
  • Ensure your links work and are trustworthy.

Remember that a website represents your company’s identity. You don’t want to give false hopes and send wrong cues. Be honest and avoid disappointing your site users with unrelated content. Be as organized as possible.

5. Have a Vision Statement

What do successful people have in common? A clear vision and a firm resolve.

“Success means narrowing down and focusing on one thing, not being scattered all over the map.” -Richard St. John

Richard has interviewed more than 500 successful individuals. From a perspective, you’ll find how these people worked hard to get where they are. They may have not realized it in the process, but the steps they took narrowed down their goals to their different lines of expertise.

8 Ways to Market Your Company with a WebsiteYou may not be able to do everything for everyone at the same time. What’s important is you know where you are good at and invest on it. You can invest your time and resources to discover and improve in your specialty.

Think about what you want your company to be found for. A vision statement helps you to concentrate. It does not have to be very long.

Here are some questions you can answer for your vision statement:

  • What is your company about?
  • Are you offering your services only to a specific location?
  • Who are your target consumers and partners?

Consider what you want, who you are, and for whom you are for. Once done, you can incorporate your vision in your website. You can spare a page for it as well.

With a clear vision statement, you help people identify you easily and be more familiar with what you are about.

6. Persuade with Your Elevator Pitch

How do you tell people about your company? This is what you can do with an elevator pitch. It’s a short summary about your company’s identity, goals, products, and benefits.

The idea is to present your company in just 60 seconds—just as long as it would take an elevator ride.

You don’t have to state everything you know. Simply be succinct and persuasive enough to convince people that your brand is valuable. It’s not completely about your product but about your brand.

Products and services can be substituted for anything else especially when they’re common in the market. But, a brand is unique. It’s what people typically look for—the credibility and quality that a brand has.

When you consider buying a toothpaste, what appeals to you the most? Is it the price or the quality? People can choose cheaper products, but often they also consider whether it’s the best one they could have at such a low price.

Here’s what you can do to develop your elevator pitch:

  • Have a clear vision of what your company is about and of what you want to achieve.
  • Identify what products you offer and what sets you apart from competition.
  • Tailor your pitch like you would present it in a natural conversation.
  • Base on your market’s need more than yours.
  • End with a tasty call to action that would leave people craving for more.

You don’t have to be formal in your approach. Bear in mind that you will be presenting it to people, not robots. They can feel and think just like you can.

Humanize your pitch as is possible, and listen to what your market is interested in. You can present it in a video or in any form that would suit you best.

7. Connect with Your About Us Page

An About Us page is where you can present your brand’s story. You can name it any other name you want, such as Who We Are or Know Us. Only ensure that it won’t stray from your identity.

Here’s some things you can include in your page:

  • VISION – briefly state what your brand is about.
  • MISSION – share what you want to achieve as well as your core values.
  • HISTORY – narrate your story interestingly. Be as creative as you can. You can tell people how you started, when you launched, your location, and anything else that would make your story more interesting and informative.
  • CONTACT – specify how and where you can be reached. You can insert social media links, email, and contact numbers. You want people to approach you when they need to.

Whatever industry you are in or whatever services you offer, having a website gives you power to present your brand to more people. With an About Us Page, you’re sure to tell them what you are about.

8. Maintain Communication

Communication is important in marketing. You need it to make connections and develop relationships in the market. With it, people can know and understand you better. To communicate, you can:

  • Provide your email and phone number on your website.
  • Have a Contact page where people can directly reach you.
  • Link your site to your social media accounts.
  • Use social media to share and engage with people.
  • Write blogs where you can express your ideas about different topics.

The good thing about having a website is you get a permanent base or place in the internet. Your site serves as your virtual office or haven where people can access a more comprehensive information about your brand.

Social media accounts have their own limits. They can close anytime, and you can lose your content. A website, on the other hand, is your own place. You can modify it and keep it as long as you can.

These are 8 ways to market your company with a website: showcase your brand, build a responsive website, succeed with aesthetics, enable easy navigation, have a vision statement, craft an elevator speech, feature an About Us page, and maintain communication.

The world is moving forward every year. Along with it are new marketing endeavors that you can use. If you don’t think a website can help you, think again. Might as well try than not try at all. 🙂

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