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17 Ways to Market on Social Media

17 Ways to Market on Social Media

Are you looking for ideas to extend and expand your reach? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have unique strengths that you can use for your brand. Through them, you can share, post, host, provide feedback, and partner with others. Here are 17 ways to market on social media.


When sharing content, you can consider sources outside of your social media account. They may include content from your website or from other platforms.

1. Blog posts

Sharing blog posts on social media allows for more readers and blog followers. It can increase your sales as well especially when you have a premium attached to your blog.

Apart from blogs on your official brand website, you can also consider sharing blogs from Medium, LinkedIn, Odoo, and others.

Take note when sharing blog posts:

  • Featured Image Sizes – Using a larger image can crop out its important features. Using a small image can result in a pixelated cover.
  • Consistency in Featured Images – You might want to include your brand logo or provide the same look. For that, take note of the size of the element. You may also consider having a uniform cover template.
  • Blog Title – Consider the length of your titles. As much as possible, you can have a standard of 5 to 8 words. Be brief yet picturesque.
  • Description – Find out the maximum number of words for blog descriptions (otherwise called as meta descriptions) of the platform you are using.
  • Short URLs – Some users prefer clicking on short and understandable URLs. and are good tools that you can use to not only shorten your links but also to measure the success you have with them.

2. Videos

Cross-promotion is definitely something you can leverage on your social media account. You may have videos from major video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo.

You can share them with your audience on social media. Ways to do it:

  • Synchronize content in between platforms
  • Attach the link only to your social media post
  • Pair your video share with a short description

Doing so not only increases the number of views you receive but also increases your chances of having more brand followers.

3. Podcast Episodes

Does your brand have a podcast? Some may have podcast shows instead of blog posts and videos to market their brands.

Podcasting is a good way to inspire, inform, and bring your community closer. Slapshot Studio, for example, has Stop Riding the Pine podcast that features entrepreneurs and thought leaders from different walks of life. The guests featured have their own unique stories and services that other entrepreneurs and leaders can learn or benefit from.

Ways to share a podcast episode on social media:

  • Synchronize content in between platforms
  • Attach the episode link only to your social media post
  • Pair the link with a short description
  • Apart from the description, may use an image to feature the episode

4. Relevant Content from Others

To reach out beyond your circle, you can connect to other fields of interest. These fields can be anything that’s relevant to your brand’s purpose.

A brand that specializes in creating shoes, for example, may connect to wedding shops for design inspiration. A brand that specializes in fitness may connect to dieticians for food guides. Like they say, different circles can share a common ground.

Types of relevant content to share:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos and images
  • Big events
  • Announcements

Think of what your brand is for, and consider sharing relevant content sparingly. Potential clients can be just around the corner.


These include posts that originate from your social media account. They help establish your own voice in the market.

5. News and Updates

What is your brand currently up to? Is there anything new going on in your business? Are there any events that your audience can look forward to?

News and updates may be posted in the form of:

  • Plain text
  • Text with image
  • Text with video

Foster a close community by sharing the information with them. Let them know your whereabouts, and help them be more familiar with your brand.

6. Trivia

What does your brand specialize in? You can post trivia about some of the things that your audience may have never heard about. You can also consider providing brief “Did You Know” videos.

This does not only enrich the knowledge of your audience but also sparks a connection that can last for a long time. Apart from videos, you may also use images or plain text instead.

7. Polls

Ever wondered what your audience may be thinking about? You can post a poll to determine preferences and favorites. You can also use it to determine how many of your current audience belong to a specific gender, interests, or other categories.

Polls also provide a way for your audience to get a glimpse of the types of people you are reaching out to. Particularly on Twitter, others may share the poll you posted. It can also run in a specified time frame.

8. GIFs and Images

As of August 2017, according to Web Technology Surveys, GIF is used by 35% of all websites. They include popular social media platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Just like images, GIFs has the ability to attract and engage your audience. They help express emotions or ideas that people may find rather entertaining or pleasing to the eyes.

You can consider posting one on your social media account. And GIPHY is among the go-to websites where you can search or create your own GIFs.

9. Coupons

Does your brand sell items? Are there products for which people may avail discounts? Distributing coupons to your audience is among the many ways to market on social media.

Ways to distribute or post coupons:

  • Advertise it via images
  • Indicate the coupon link or code to your social media post
  • Pair the link with a short description

In all these, make sure to provide instructions on how and where they can use the coupon. Introduce them to your brand and let them know more about the unique offers you have in store.

10. Advertisements

Depending on the social media platform you are on, you can pay a certain amount to advertise your brand. You may choose to advertise a blog post, video, or customized image.

Ad campaigns can:

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Engage your followers
  • Increase conversions

You may choose your target audience as well as determine the duration of your ad campaign.


Social media platforms present different opportunities for you to spark active engagement. You can step out of your shell and spare some time to lead different activities online.

11. Live Videos

Get in touch with your audience by hosting a live video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms where it’s possible. You may consider having one during:

  • Big events in your business
  • Typical days at work
  • Special holidays

There can also be a number of reasons to go live:

  • You won an award
  • It’s someone’s birthday
  • You have a special announcement to make
  • You’ve decided to host a show via live videos

You can host live videos via computer or your mobile device. Periscope and OBS Studio are among the live streaming apps you can use.

12. Contests

One of the popular ways to market on social media is hosting a contest. It can be a photo contest where you ask people to send images following some guidelines.

Or, it can be a writing contest where you ask people to submit essays, short stories, blogs, and other forms of writing in exchange for a prize.

The contest can practically be anything that is relevant to your brand.

13. Group Chats

Bring your community members closer to one another by providing a special haven for them to discuss with other followers of your brand. For that, you can utilize Facebook Messenger or even Twitter private messages.

Just start a conversation and invite your followers. Group discussions not only encourages active engagement but also provides a venue for your followers to help one another or promote their own causes.


Posting, sharing and hosting are not the only ways to engage with your social media followers. Acknowledge that they too have something to say about your brand. You can provide them feedback as is necessary.

14. Comments and Likes

Why not share the love with others? Consider sparing some time to comment and like your followers’ posts and shares. Get to know them.

Get to know their likes and dislikes. Connect with them and strengthen the relationship you have.

15. Answer Questions and Concerns

Sometimes other social media users tag you on their concerns or post directly on your social media account. At other times, they post their questions on comments under one of your posts.

They present good opportunities for you to showcase your unique solutions. In the end, you might find them among your ardent followers.


These ways to market on social media also enable you to partner with others. That helps multiply the number of opportunities you have to reach out.

16. With Another Brand

Similar to sharing relevant content, you might also want to consider partnering with a brand that supports your interests.

A brand that specializes in burgers, for example, may partner with a brand that specializes in toys to provide freebies, coupons, and other such benefits for your audience.

17. With Other Users and their Friends

Last, in our list of 17 ways to market on social media, you may consider making the most out of your posts by tagging other users. You may also encourage them to tag their friends.

One way to do this through posting an image, GIF or video where they might relate it to someone they know. That way you partner with others in the same social media platform you are in to spread the word out about the exciting things you do in your brand.

We hope these 17 ways to market on social media inspired you in creating more opportunities for your brand. Let us know what you think about them in the comment section below.

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