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4 Ways to Market Your Company Online

Having your own company does not necessarily guarantee success. You need to work hard to reach your goals. It requires you to promote it, too. Here are 4 ways to market your company online. Understand how you can extend and expand your business with these powerful tools!

The Online Opportunity

Anyone with enough resources can start his own company. In the US alone, more than 500,000 businesses are launched every year. They come from all kinds of industry.

But not all continue in the long run. Many of them go bankrupt after some time. Among its primary factors, according to former Harvard professor Theodore Levitt, is marketing myopia.

“People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” -Theodore Levitt

Many businesses fail to see the big picture. They tend to focus on other things instead of satisfying the needs of the customers. When they started, their mission may have been to provide people with their product until they got lost in the process.

Marketing is important in any startup. You want people to know you. You want them to experience and adhere to your unique offerings. But, it isn’t reason enough to get sidetracked from your main objective—to satisfy needs.

What happens to companies without consumers? Their sales, quality, and partnerships suffer until they go bankrupt and close. This is why it’s important to plan and implement an efficient marketing strategy.

When you know what you need and focus on reaching it, you lessen the risk of getting confused with what to do. With the online opportunity, you get to extend your company to a lot more people. You want your target consumers to easily find you, and an online presence enables you to do just that. Here are 4 ways to market your company online:

1. Establish Identity with a Website

Your website is your home in the internet. Social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, have their limits. Websites enable you to present your ideas and products in a more organized and comprehensive manner. They also give you the liberty to be more creative and efficient in growing your company.

As business owner, it’s natural to want people to identify you. You want to stand out. This is among the things you’ll love about websites. You get to establish your brand.

Your brand is key to establishing online relationships. People can come to you knowing that they can trust you. When they see your name anywhere in the internet, they have the peace of mind knowing that you are a reliable provider.

Ways to Market Your Company OnlineTo brand your company, here are among the things you’ll need:

  • Mission statement
  • Target market
  • Consistent voice
  • Tagline
  • Logo

Think about how you want people to find you. Base on that, and incorporate that in your website. You can do so through your site’s content, design, layout, and other functions.

Once you have a website, you can direct people from your social networking accounts. There they should find what you are about as well as what you provide. You can trace their interests and feedback via comments and stats.

2. Lead with Blogs

One of the goals in marketing is to become a thought leader. As leader, you drive in people with your thoughts or facts about the product or industry you belong. And, you can do this through blogging.

With blogs, you have the opportunity to share what you know to others. Business owners are assumed to have a great stock of knowledge with their specialized field. You have the ideas. All you need is to write about it.

Here are among the things you can blog about:

  • How-to articles
  • Issues and trends in the industry
  • Research findings
  • Basic knowledge about your company
  • Your line of specialty and anything related to it

You can start with as little as 350 words per post until you become comfortable to write more. What’s important is you provide people with quality content, one that will satisfy their curiosity and concerns.

You don’t have to be a jack-of-all-trades. Just stick with your topic and specialty, and in the long run you’ll find loyal consumers for your brand.

Search engines also feed on words. You can use your blogs to enable them to identify what you are about. The more visitors you have, the higher chance you get to be easily found via search engines. What better way to establish authority than leading people with blogs?

Ways to Market Your Company Online3. Connect through Social Media

As the saying goes, “Content is king and distribution is queen.” By all means, share. Good quality content shouldn’t be left idly to waste. It demands to be shared.

Social media is a powerful tool that enables more people to find you. Lots of stories exist about companies receiving more followers via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

In a case study, Alex Chris and his team used social media to market an online business. They started in 2013 with 200-400 followers in each platform. After 10 months, they found an increased number led by Facebook at 1825% increase.

“Depending on the type of business, you can choose which networks to utilize but the recipe for success is always the same: Share useful content that goes beyond your products or services, promote your accounts, protect your brand and keep your accounts in good shape.” Alex Chris

They had challenges in the process. They wanted more people to know about the business and its unique offerings. What they learned is the impact of content and distribution.

Accordingly, you want people to be interested in you and trust you. Through social media, you can connect with clients and partners more conveniently. The thought of going social tells them your desire to connect.

It gives them value, and enables you to better understand their specific needs and wants through friendly and meaningful conversations.

4. Build a Community with Podcasts

Podcasting is a viable marketing solution. With the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices, more people has access to online content. This includes content in podcasts.

It’s similar to blogging. Your goal is to create informative and entertaining content that people will listen to. Although you cannot start with the goal of advertising your company, you can build and strengthen relationships with people in your niche.

Roughly 26% of online listeners tune in to podcasts. If you don’t have one, it’s good to plan to have one soon. You can be led to thinking that there’s already lots of podcasts available, and your show may just come in the background.

It does not have to be that way. There’s still less competition. With thousands of active podcasts, many fail to continue with their shows. You can trace this back to marketing myopia, which digresses thought leaders from achieving their goals.

Consistency and persistence are typically difficult to maintain.

Here are some things you can do to succeed:
  • ESTABLISH YOUR BRAND – In any business or endeavor, it’s critical to know and understand what you are about. You market to stand out, and you can’t do that without a clear understanding of your goals and identity. How will you guarantee people when you are not sure yourself?
  • INVEST ON QUALITY EQUIPMENT – You don’t need to be a millionaire to start a podcast. There are lots of affordable equipment in the market. What you need to do is identify how much you can afford and invest on the best option. Without quality equipment, you run the risk of releasing episodes that aren’t friendly to the ears. As a consequence, listeners avoid your shows regardless of how helpful you think your message is.
  • BE CONSISTENT – This mainly applies to release schedules and podcast content. Too often podcasters miss their scheduled release. Familiarity is the name of the game. It’s like having your own show on a specific channel. Guide listeners when you go on air. That way, you give them value. Make it easy for them to follow and be familiar with you.

Publishing a podcast is easy. The challenge lies in maintaining your show. Despite the difficulty, podcasting is still a great way to market your company. You just need to be consistent and persistent enough to go on.

In the long run, you’ll find how wise it is to connect with your niche. With them, you can build a community of like-minded people to advance your cause. You’ll never know until you start.

A Field of Opportunity

The online world is a wide field of opportunity to market your company. You can invest on tools to extend and expand your brand without digressing from your main objectives.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” -Anon

Reaching more people will always be worth it. If you’re not confident with your marketing strategies, you can look for reliable sources or experts to help you out. With a vast number of users around the world, the internet offers lots of help to get you started.

What’s important is you know what you want to achieve, and set your heart to it. Websites, blogs, social media, and podcasts are powerful marketing tools. Simply be consistent and persistent to achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

If you have any suggestions, questions or just want to connect with us about 4 Ways to Market Your Company Online, leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!